Wednesday, January 19, 2011

stitching down the moon

                                                                                                                                         stitching down the moon

Today is a full moon in Cancer. Normally I take notice of something in nature or how life feels for me at a full moon and then name that particular moon accordingly. I might gather herbs that are well-harvested on a full moon or do some decanting of oils or tinctures begun on a previous new moon but there's not too much going on for my herbal pharmacy today. Or I may take a moon-lit walk with the dogs but it's pretty cold at night now.

So I got to thinking. Fulfillment. That's what this full moon is all about. It is now that we should be receptive and acknowledge the fullness of our lives -- the success of endeavors, progress on projects, and desires fulfilled. When I take a good look at things around here, I see many fulfilled desires -- some woven cloth made, a new sewing class beginning, a pattern given to me out of the blue (that I'd been looking for but it was out-of-stock), a clean laundry room and pantry (that involved paying somebody!), a new plan to create a bit more space for sewing, a pulled muscle healed, and many more large and small wonderful things. You get the idea.
And, too, sometimes I simply draw down some moon energy to replenish and celebrate. Because when you think about it, there's really quite a lot to celebrate now, isn't there?

In gratitude.

full moon fancies . . .
name: cloth moon
fiber: woven cloth
class: contemporary woven boro
stitching: silk organza moon on black velvet
feast: undecided
book: Gwinna by Barbara Helen Berger (children's book)
dye-pot: onion skins on silk organza
herb: lavender tincture for sleep

                                                                                                           onion skins & silk w/vinegar mordant

What are your full moon fancies?


j said...

there IS indeed so much to celebrate --even when times are not the simplest.
thank you, peggy, for the sweet reminder.

lynda Howells said...

did u put lavender in the wrap?x love your woeds.x lynda

woman with wings said...

J, you're very welcome! I keep noticing more things to be celebrated as the day goes on.

woman with wings said...

Lynda, it's just yellow & red onion skins laid out, misted with pure vinegar, then tightly wrapped. I followed the directions in Eco Colour by India Flint. I am wondering about doing the exact same thing with lavender, now that you mentioned it!

Shishi said...

I love your moon on the black...really dreamy. the full moon fancies list...I'll have to think about mine.

I'm going to try the onion skins...will it last in the wash?

I've been going through all my closets and finding some great things to tear apart for Jude's class. addictive!

woman with wings said...

Thanks, Shishi! I'm not sure about the onion skins, we'll see, it's all experiential for me at this point. And, yes, now I'm wishing I hadn't been giving clothes to Goodwill all this time cuz they could've been used for this! See you.