Monday, January 10, 2011

silver moon

                                                                                                                                       silver moon          

It is believed that the veins of precious metals in the Earth are pathways for energy -- or, you could say, the acupuncture meridians of the Earth. Certain areas of the planet seem to hold the bulk of each of the precious metals, while the metals in turn each resonate with a particular heavenly body. Silver, found mostly in North & South America, is energetically connected to the moon. It makes sense when you think about silver being the most light-sensitive metal and the moon being all about reflecting light. More descriptive words for moon energy are -- femininity, emotion, receptive, magnetic, subconscious, intuitive, gentle, encouraging, and sensitive.

I like that when I touch a beautiful silver bowl or wear a piece of silver jewelry, there is moon energy in it. I like that a silver platter emulates the moon's ever-changing reflective light. I love that my mother's silver flatware reminds me that she used it only once in a blue moon and for women-friends exclusively. In the photo, you'll see my silver crescent necklace -- about a moon or so ago, I decided to wear it. Always. Except when I took it off for the photo. You know how sometimes you latch onto something for a while?  Like I said a while back, my ruling planet is the moon and Luna has her way with me.

On this beautiful, bright and sunny moonday, we have a waxing crescent moon in the sign of Aries. The waxing moon is a time of growth, strengthening, and building. The seeds of possibilities envisioned on the new moon are now newly-sprouted realities beginning to root themselves and need our continued attention. Efforts are easily showing results and projects are progressing toward completion.

Aries is a dry, warm sign and influences our heads, the eyes, nose and brain. Conditions of those areas are well-treated now -- if you suffer from migraines, this is an ideal time to begin taking a natural preventative, like the herbal treatment of feverfew. Or if you are prone to tension headaches, these Aries days are also more likely to produce a headache so try to keep yourself out of stressful situations. Because of Aries' dryness, you may find that you are thirstier than usual and need to drink a little more water. Running a humidifier is also something to keep in mind, especially if you find yourself with a dry, stuffy nose at night.

At the first sign of cold or flu, there may be greater success now with the use of 3% hydrogen peroxide in the ear canal -- 3 drops for 5-10 minutes in each ear -- to eliminate infection-causing germs.  Dr. Susan Lark and Dr. Joseph Mercola both recommend this treatment as some, if not most, colds are caused by infection entering the ear canal and spreading from there. I've personally had success with this method several times -- oh, if I'd only known this remedy when I had small children!

Do you notice your moon seeds sprouting and taking root?

                                                                                                                      moonflowers 2010


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, Happpy Mooonday to you : ) thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom. I agree with all you write, I have a project that is at its completion and I realllly love it and I'm going to miss working on it. Don't think I can remember feeeling this way before about something sooo simple as hand stitching on a woven (Jude style) background and can't wait to start on another one, ha : )
My DH has been running a humidifier since Christmas, truly it has made a difference here in this very dry climate. Even tho we are 5000 ft up, it is soooo clear and the sky is very beautiful but the air is sooo dry, the sinus' suffer a bit. Sooo, thank you for your wisdom and advice.
I tooo wear silver moon shaped earrings always-every day and have thought of a moooon necklace too, now I know why, hahaha : )
Also, your post regards to the tea bag flower dyeing was wonderful: ) I just did some red cabbage dyeing can't wait to seee the end results. So far, the jar with alum infused is turning a green and the one with just a bit of salt is still the fuchia/purple color, I'm waiting for the blue to come thru - we shall seeeee : )
Blessings, Sandra -MountainWoman in AZ

woman with wings said...

Sandra MountainWoman, Happy Moonday to you too! That woven cloth is addictive, isn't it? I just want to tear everything up. And you should post a picture of your cabbage dying, I'd love to see it! And if I find the perfect pair of crescent earrrings . . . yes!