Friday, January 7, 2011

ready to rip

Stash building -- velvet, silver, wool.  

                                                                                                                                      on a silver platter
I had dreamt the night before of stitching small white shapes on a very old white tea cloth that had some words already stitched on it -- something like what will you serve to keep people together longer? -- it was a good dream. So I was sure I'd find something white at Goodwill. Instead it was this threesome I love of black, brown, and gray plaid. And a silver platter. The velvet jackets are for stash, the wool skirt to make this hood for which I still need to figure out the lining.

And the silver platter for holding scissorspinsthreads. They should be one word, don't you think?

                                                                                             on a silver platter too

A successful shop, yes? Deconstruction time now. The seam ripper is out and ready to rip.

Anyone else in stash building mode this weekend?


Penny Berens said...

Always in stash building mode! Enjoy the deconstruction.

woman with wings said...

Yeah, me too, but getting my butt out the door to hunt is the problem! Will need good daylight to pick at the black velvet -- notice the scissors is my second-choice tool there!

joe said...

most definitely in stash building mode. perpetually! but work encroaches. must. wait. until. wednesday. the moment is filled with longing. not good. but enjoying vicariously your stash acquisitions!


p.s. not sure where i'd put any stash enhancements at this time anyway... woohoo!

woman with wings said...

Joe, I hear ya' about where to put it -- I'm ready to move the piano out to make some room but then I might never fulfill my lfe-long goal of playing house of the rising sun by heart!