Monday, February 25, 2013

nice moonday

Today is the full moon so I gathered a few things together for a February moon cloth. There's not really any plan yet, just some colors and textures that seemed right. I like to sink my hands into a big mess of soft cloth, don't you? It would be interesting to choose by feel only, with eyes closed. I might try that sometime. I'm studying the Ikea catalog to create better storage in my sewing room but for now, all the colorful strips and little bits are in an old dresser drawer on the floor and all the light bits are in a wire basket.
One of our amaryllis bulbs shot up 28" overnight (it seemed like!) and began to bloom. It's on the kitchen table by the window and we ooh and aah over it like it's a new puppy. I've started my annual houseplant grooming sessions, thus the hoya trimmings rooting in water. All the plants will get a trimming, some fresh planting mix with a few nuggets of dry dog food buried in there (for nutrients), and a nice shower in the sink.
I continue to kantha stitch the red and white woven intended to be a pillow cover -- with a natural linen backing, I think, but one trip to a fabric or thrift store could change those plans.

Today is a full moonday in the sign of Virgo. A full-moon time is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate things in our lives. And we don't need to have big accomplishments or major events to do this -- we can simply remember something that gives us a sense of satisfaction and contentment -- or maybe just notice something nice. Inside or outside of ourselves.

To a nice week for all of us. xo

Thursday, February 21, 2013

beautiful day

We have the best of both worlds today. The snow is most welcome -- we needed it quite badly for moisture -- and I think these flowers all together could be called a riot of color. They are a happy sight, I tell you.

The hyacinth-in-a-jar is "such the" slow-grower. Between it and the Gaptastic scarf, I don't know which one is pokier. ;)

A beautiful day to you, wherever you are!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

calendar page bookcover

Whenever I have a few minutes, I'm trying to do something easy like stitch a line or knit one row. I'm still knitting the Gaptastic scarf, it's taking a lot longer than I thought it would. I guess easy doesn't always necessarily mean quick.
I save our old calendars and am thinking about what to do with them. The beautiful Cavallini & Co. calendars (printed in Italy) have paper that feels almost like cloth, I bet they will sew up like a dream on the sewing machine. For now though, one calendar page was the perfect size to cover my monthly planner -- with a little dotted tape and a closure band made from ribbon and a hair tie, it's such an  improvement.
And, last but not least, I have come upon my new favorite thing to give as a host/hostess gift instead of a bottle of wine -- a bottle of organic olive oil. I've done this twice lately and like that the bottleneck can be decorated with a strip of cloth from my sewing basket and we're ready to go out the door.
Any ideas for calendar pages that feel like cloth?

Friday, February 15, 2013

paisaje cloth

We had to get a new computer and my issues with change have come into play, big time. Everything is different and intimidating, but the worst part is choosing options -- half the time, I don't know what possibly-terrible thing I'm agreeing to!
The orchid is in full bloom, its last bud opened a few days ago. Our house plants have gotten more and more babying as winter unfolds. It's tempting to think Spring is coming soon, but March is actually our snowiest month.
The wall hanging is going up in my sewing room, I didn't make it, but I wish I had. The word paisaje is stitched on the top, meaning landscape or scenery. Its intricacies are charming and a person could study them for some time -- there are flowers being gathered, apples being picked, ducks swimming with a guy nearly in the water with them, a man playing a flute, a woman carrying her spindle and yarn, y mucho mas. We have the binoculars at the quick and ready in case the coyote across the street yesterday morning comes back. It was the strangest but coolest thing that the coyote seemed to be accompanied by a magpie.
The bottom of a cotton top that's a little too tight across a certain area is being expanded with side slits. The girls were both sleeping on their sewing room beds, Talula (age 3) is the rusty one and Daisy (age 9) is the black. I think Talula was running in her sleep right before I took the photo.
A long-lost red and white cloth was found on the bottom of a pile of fabric. One of my first weavings in a class at Spirit Cloth a few years ago, I straightened and re-pinned it this morning. Now I'm looking forward to working on it this weekend while listening to NPR -- Prairie Home Companion, This American Life, Radio Lab, and heck even Car Talk. Stitching while listening to NPR is one of my favorite things to do and the girls enjoy it too, they love to "go sew."
Thanks for visiting and happy weekending. xxx

Monday, February 11, 2013

heart cloth moonday

Whenever I hesitate to get things I've made out of storage, I think of my mom. She made afghans and doilies and quilts, miscellaneous hand-stitched decorative items, and dozens of painted landscapes. Most of it was wrapped in plastic and put into the closet or the basement and I always think of that as being such a loss.

Which leads me to something I made a while back, a heart cloth completed on 02/02/02. (I downsized the photo because otherwise it's so bright it makes my eyes hurt.) Made from a pattern and embellished with some of my mom's vintage jewelry, it comes out of the closet once in a while. To tell the truth, it's just too valentiney to keep up for very long, I'm wondering if I should give it an overhaul or leave it be.

The African violets are so full and lush and have bloomed for so long -- just one more photo.

The moon cloth is being held up by my sewing buddy. On to other things now.

Today is a waxing moonday moving into the sign of Aries tomorrow (2/12/13). Aries is a fire sign and that means energy, intensity, action and impatience.  Fun new projects are easily begun now and existing ones more easily brought to completion. Emotionally, things can get exciting.

Aries rules the top of the head and face to the nose. That means conditions may be more easily treated in those areas now and at the same time, problems in those areas may flare up. It's best to be vigilant about avoiding known headache triggers and also stay hydrated -- cool and calm is a good counter-balance to Aries. "The reason that headaches and migraines often occur at this time is because of the top-heavy, impatient Aries energy." (Moon Time by Johanna Paungger & Thomas Poppe)

Thinking about the next fun new project. A great week to all. xx

Saturday, February 9, 2013

shaggy house moon cloth

January's full moon art is another house with an eye for the moon. It's pretty shaggy. I think it needs one more touch though -- a fringe along the top eyelid. Then it'll be done. My goal is to always complete the current full moon art project before the next new moon comes along. Today is the new moon so I squeaked by. I find it motivating to have a little gimmick like that.

It's snowing lightly here and the dogs are waiting for their walk. I love walking them in inclement weather because then we have the park all to ourselves.

Wishing you a very fine new moon weekend. xx

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

stevia chocolate syrup

I wanted to make something with the homemade stevia extract and after poking around a bit decided to try this chocolate syrup. Just FYI, I used one tablespoon of my stevia extract -- and next time around will use a touch less vanilla extract than the recipe calls for. This syrup is strong, almost like a concentrate, but once incorporated into something, it is so very fine.

Since I'm trying to stay off sugar, I tried it out in ways other than over ice cream or cake. A homemade Americano was pretty wonderful -- 2 shots espresso + hot water -- with a spoonful of this syrup and a dribble of cream. And so was the hot cocoa I had this morning, made with frothy milk and a big spoonful of syrup.

I'm thinking about cutting into the calendar cloth. I don't know if I can do it on this's just so nice!

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Monday, February 4, 2013

moonday cloth

My tiny moon cloth is well underway with frayed edges and knotted threads and general wonkiness. Even the needle is bent and wonky and I keep poking myself because of it. But it's got a nice-sized eye that makes it easier to thread, and I so like a good eye.

The top threads were wound especially to stitch the sky. Blue stones inspire, the drum beckons to clear some inner/outer spaces, and a little kit-bag says ready to go because maybe, just maybe, it'll be warm enough to sit and stitch for a while outside today.

Today is a waning moonday in the sign of Sagittarius, a fire sign. Its positive and enthusiastic qualities make us more imaginative, confident, and adventurous. Our candor and honesty may help us get things off our chest now, too.

Sagittarius affects the strength and health of the lower vertebrae and thighs -- things like sciatica and lower back pain come to mind.

A beautiful new week to all. xx