Monday, January 27, 2020


Nature has most certainly cast the spell of Winter upon us and there's no getting around it. Though I may at first resist this slower energy, on a deeper level I sense that darkness is necessary and eventually comply with the need to rest. I know that in the end tending my inner flame for these few months rejuvenates me for Spring.

Spells are feelings, words, visions, objects and even fragrances that manifest their energies.

A garden Buddha wearing a rose hip necklace emits peace and calm whenever wherever. 

Every time I look at a rose hip I remember that pollinated rose blossoms (self-pollinated or by bees and other insects) must be left on the plant to form rose hips. The rose hips I gathered last autumn from a friend's garden were strung and dried -- about 8' or so.  

Brown and white are the epitome of austere simplicity to me.

Words are spells in themselves and I do so love the feeling that something magical is about to happen.

A little drawer of wings for spells -- also includes wasps and maybe some other unidentified winged creatures.

Words at the ready, this year I want to infuse my projects with magical words. This is a Brigid icon I made for myself last year around St. Brigid's Day/Imbolc. Brigid likenesses are rare in my experience so I made my own sacred work. I will be hanging this above my Brigid altar in time for her feast days which are February 1-2. See some of my past Brigid's Day rituals and activities here and here and here and here.

A book of pure magic, this man's words changed me in unimaginable ways.

Cloth strips, thread and needle with the intention of well-being for our trees.

Recycling egg shells back to the hens who made them.

Sorrow visited here. A hawk somehow landed into a tight space in the outer run and killed Henna Penny. I came upon the scene before the hawk had mutilated her very much so we buried her in the garden and placed a heavy piece of concrete over the grave. Still, an animal dug the body out from the side during the night. Winter survival is very real.

The poor dears are molting. From left to right: Margaret, Cinco, Lilith and Honey Moon.

I like thinking of everyday common phrases as positive word spells -- good morninggood night or have a great day. Although they may at times feel mundane and meaningless, just imagine their effect if they were of the opposite sentiment.

And now it is time for me to say happy new year, may you thrive and prosper and blessed be you!