Friday, February 3, 2017

enchanting yourself

Brigid's Day 2017 is much different from other years. But then many things are different from other years.

I started my Brigid's Day devotion this morning, two days late, by taking a morning bath with strained oatstraw infusion added to the water. It felt silky, so nice -- I reminded myself to do this more often. One little candle burned down completely.

After getting dressed I collected three cauldrons filled with objects and symbols of the past, the completed, the unnecessary.

The fire took off quickly and burned well, these things needed to go. I chanted "light of Brigid, shine on me, growing brighter, now I see". After you chant something for a while, you find yourself going into a state -- you start making up music to sing the chant to or you'll pick out a word or two to repeat over and over, and you will almost always catch yourself getting softer, then louder, then softer again. Chanting is a way of enchanting yourself.

The candle on the left was lit from the fire in the cauldron and it will burn until the end. A friend and I had made Brigid's crosses earlier in the week -- we used straw that had been soaked in warm water for a few hours. The beauty and simplicity of these sacred Nature items comfort and encourage. More chanting.

This is a tarot spread for guidance to connect with the Goddess Brigid or St. Brigid (or God or Source or whoever/whatever you want to invoke). I spent a few hours reflecting on these cards and then writing about them in my journal -- and that completed this year's very simple Brigid's Day.

Our new Earth flag is freshly hung. The old one is quite torn from getting whipped around by the wind/catching on the house gutters, but I have some mending ideas in mind. Mending the Earth, that's it.

The ashes of transformation will go back to the Earth to continue the cycle of death and rebirth. I hope we can all return to the garden soon and start planting. All of us together. Maybe even chanting.


  1. I'm even later but time is an illusion since it's always just 'now'
    Now I'm chanting too "om mani padme hum' and Brigid understands what is meant and the rhythm does get louder and softer, sliding up and down in cadences like a walking drum.
    May all beings be happy with whatever comes to them in life. May all beings be present to heal the earth. It is nearly 2AM in a New York night. Outside the double pane of glass on all the windows, few lights this frigid night. I hear we will have some snow and long for it. The candle flickers in here now and soon I'll lay me down to sleep dear Peggy.

  2. What a lovely post... About a lovely happening...

    I have never seen Brigid's crosses. Always learning something new, when visiting in Blog Land!

    Oh and I love the yellow!!! Perfect brightness, in the still long part of winter.

    Enchanted wishes and blessings to you,
    Luna Crone

  3. love that idea : mending earth ...

  4. Amen.
    Your first photo stunned me with its beauty.

  5. Thank you everyone for your kind words, I so appreciate them. xo