green heart garden blessing 

Create sacred space by smudging the perimeter or center of your space.

In the East, stand and simply breathe for a time. As you inhale, feel your heart chakra being filled. Envision your breath as shimmering green light from the spirit realms filling your heart and soul. As you exhale, direct the loving light from your heart into the Earth through your feet. See that you are the conductor between Spirit and Earth.

Beginning in the East while continuing your breath work, slowly walk the perimeter of your space planting light from your feet with every step you take. Pause at each direction to acknowledge an energy or aspect of that direction that resonates for you. Place (or hang) a stone, seed, or other object at each direction as a symbol of gratitude and intention.

After walking full circle back to your beginning point in the East, go to a private space in your garden that you have already prepared for yourself. Make yourself comfortable, relax and breathe slowly. Call to the Green Woman (Angel, God, Goddess, etc.). Ask to come into her presence and for her to communicate with you. Ask her to guide you as you draw the life of your garden into your heart. Ask to receive her breath in the air, to feel her touch on each leaf, flower, plant, tree and creature. Ask to hear her voice in the sounds in and around your garden. Ask to see her dance in each movement of plant and creature and to experience the gifts of peace and love in your heart.

Ask the Green Woman to bless your garden, chanting three or more times:

Breath of Light, Heart of Green
Earth and Spirit and All between
Bless this land as Sacred Space
May Love and Peace dwell within this place
Breath of Light, Heart of Green
Earth and Spirit and All between

Sit quietly for a time -- she has heard you and she is near. You have opened your heart and are ready to listen and receive her inspiration.

When you feel it is right, give thanks and ground yourself by walking barefoot or placing your hands on the Earth, sinking any excess energy back into the Earth.


~Decide on the area you are focused on. I consider our entire land space the garden so I walked the property lines of our urban lot, including along the edges of the driveway, the sidewalk, fences, etc. Where I couldn't actually walk because of trees, I envisioned.
~Have an incense wand, smudge stick or charcoal/resin on a clay saucer to burn to create sacred space.
~Decide on one or more directional energies or aspects that resonate with you (see a few below or research on your own)
~Choose an object to be placed at each direction. This can be anything. I chose four small green heart stones and carried a larger green heart throughout the ritual. I planted the heart stones the next day.
~Prepare a comfortable place to sit for your meditation including water and paper and pencil, just in case.
~This is only a guide, to be changed however you like -- I never follow a ritual outline completely.

East: Air...beginnings, inspiration, change, seeds, wind
South: Fire...transformation, energy, passion, intensity, ripening, sun
West: Water...dreams, emotions, flow, softening, cleansing, moon
North: Earth...strength, endurance, stability, plants, trees, stones

May your garden be blessed and may the Green Woman walk with you always. 

Peggy Vonburg
August 1, 2016

Ritual and chant by me with help from these wonderful publications: The Enchanted Garden by Claire O'Rush, 2015 Spell a Day Almanac by Llewellyn, Wear a Sprig of Thyme by Linda Rago

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