Tuesday, February 6, 2018

a little while

It's been a little while.

I put most of my crystals to bed on their very own mossy mattress to rest and rejuvenate. This is sort of what I've been doing too, resting and rejuvenating, after the bustle of the holidays followed by our youngest daughter's wedding.

In January I found my sewing mojo again when three moons and a butterfly started coming together. The paper fans were components for a holiday decoration that never quite made it to the finish line.

My first knitted socks were washed and blocked.

I love the rabbit sock blockers from the Knitting Shed

I'm back to sitting at my little altar table to meditate, read or journal. At the beginning of the year I drew The Star as my theme card for 2018 and I've had it on the table every since. Today I wistfully put it back into its deck and shuffled the entire deck thoroughly. After a quiet time, I drew a new card for today's guidance and it was The Star, which made me very happy indeed. Most appropriately, the herb shown on the card is skullcap, a calming relaxant and a good sleep aid. 

I pulled out roses and eucalyptus from some of the wedding centerpieces -- then hung and dried the roses in bunches and saved the eucalyptus for the dye-pot some day soon.

I am juicing nearly every day now. I've tried many different combinations of vegetables and we pretty much love them all...the only constants are celery, cucumber and lime, the other ingredients vary. 

Twenty-five moon squares made from plant-dyed cloth are being backed by hand with more plant-dyed cloth. And then assembled into rows of three. As I stitch, I think about all the women before me who sewed everything for their families by hand -- before sewing machines. They made dresses and skirts and pants and shirts. They made jackets and coats and linens and undergarments. I wonder what they think, seeing me sew these squares together...because I know they're watching, I can feel them.

Even though we're well into the month of February, I keep reading (and then reminding myself) that this is still a time of deep rest in Nature where I live and should be for people who live here, too. I very much like not hurrying on to the next thing or even thinking about what comes next. It's a dreamy time for sure. 

Good days to you. xo