Friday, March 24, 2017

stitching a good heart of green

Stitching and mending the earth flag continues with a good heart of green. And every now and then I get the urge to work in my art journal. 

Elderberry syrup was made using homegrown elderberries from the freezer. Here is how...simmer one cup fresh or frozen berries (or 1/2 cup dried) in two cups water until reduced by half; strain and cool; stir in three quarters cup of raw honey, store in refrigerator. You can add a cinnamon stick and a few whole cloves to the simmering process, if desired. I use a big spoonful of the syrup in my hot water and lemon in the morning. It seems to help with my coffee withdrawal symptoms as well as my cold and cough symptoms. Since I was already miserable, I just went all in and quit the coffee too. 

The nettle patch is beginning to fill in. For this year's spring clean-up, I'm incorporating the permaculture method of chop & drop as much as possible to recycle nutrients and build better soil. A form of as-you-go sheet composting, you just chop up dried stems and stalks into small pieces, leave the dried leaves right where they are, and then cover it all with a generous layer of soil, compost or other mulch. 

Many times throughout the day, I go outside and stand as close to the beehive as I can to watch the bees just to make sure they're going to make it. Then I visit each little tree and shrub I planted last year just to make sure it'll make it. Saying grow, baby, grow. I will take care of you. 

Thanks for visiting and happy weekending to you. xx

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

stitching peace on earth

We recently hung a new Earth flag on our front porch but this web log is about the old one...the old flag went up a long time ago during one of the Iraq wars, I've actually forgotten if it was the first or the second. Since then it has weathered through I don't know how many wars, bombings, natural disasters, protests, and human-caused atrocities. I took it down a few times but sure as the sun rose each morning, along would come another event to make me feel helpless, and so back up it went. As you can imagine, the flag is faded and torn and I am mending it. 

First I created peace on Earth. Yes. Actually, I can. We all can. They say it begins with me though.

I am currently mending a long tear and next will be redoing the bottom hem so the sides don't hang wonky. I'm thinking about what other changes I'd like to see on Earth and might add them in the form of words or symbols. While chaos continues to stir up our planet, we each do what we can.

I am flower-gazing -- this orchid speaks of well-being in the face of imperfect conditions. This is her second stalk of blossoms in less than two years. I am drinking more decaffeinated Mexican coffee over ice and reading A Man Called Ove.

I am knitting myself into an alpha state. The sampler shawl grows line by line...those dropped yarn overs will lay nicely when blocked. The dogs love to sleep while I knit and I love to listen to their sleeping sounds while I knit so it all works out. 

I am hanging several strings of prayer flags. I am lighting candles as a reminder that we are all wondrous and amazing light beings here on Earth at this time for a reason. 

I am walking around our gardens over and over, dreaming and planning, making lists. I am visiting and feeding our bees who appear to be thriving. Buddha is a presence in the garden but there is also the Earth Goddess, St. Francis, White Tara and Mother Mary. And I love them all. 

In a state of openness, let's meet each other where we're at. And let's make us some peace on Earth. xx