Friday, January 27, 2017

the way is clear

Yesterday of this current dark/new moon phase, I burned away some false beliefs. There were and still are many of these programmed beliefs, I've only just questioned the ones on the surface. It might seem like I'm going through some sort of crisis but it's not so much to do with everyday life, it's more about my relationship with the world around me -- what is real and who is real. So much of what I've thought and believed and participated in is illusion. The frequency I was once in tune with has gotten fuzzy and distorted and it's time to find a clear connection again. Like a radio. A place to be, which I sort of don't have right now, I'm in between.

And lest this sound political, I'm not on either side.

Then I went and finished the Hitchhiker scarf. I didn't quite make the 42 points the pattern is named after (the book "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"), I think there are 39. The scarf is over 60" long and made from sock yarn -- it took a very long time, nearly two years with my highly irregular knitting sessions.

This morning of the new moon, I put fresh cloths on the little table that is my altar. The cloth on the left was made by my Grandmother Lucia and I stitched 16 blue moons onto it recently. The cloth on the right was made by me for St. Lucia's Day a few years ago and always reminds me of my grandmother. A few nights ago I stitched the words "the way is clear" -- a message I've apparently sent to myself because everywhere I've turned the last few weeks I've seen or heard the words "the way is clear".

Then I drew a card for guidance and wouldn't you know....The Moon.

I'm gathering items to burn on Brigid's Day, there may be a new batch of false beliefs to throw in as well. If you'd like to bless your own home and hearth, my last year's Brigid's Day Household Ritual is here.

To clear connections. xx


  1. Rituals heal, thought can be transformed, and love is real.

  2. -happy sigh- How wonderful to be realizing the things, you need to be rid of.

    I thought I had done much work, on that, back in 2000. Well, I did. But I'm sure I have more to do.

    Perhaps this post, is the signal I needed, to work on such.......?

    Thank you.

    Gentle hugs and blessings,
    Luna Crone

  3. Michelle, thank you for those kind words.

  4. Luna Crone, thank you. Reality seems to be changing, revealing its true self to all of us....what used to be bad is not so bad and what was good is not so good, all scrambled up for us to sort out on our own using our own hearts and minds. Hugs and blessings to you, what goes 'round comes 'round....

  5. The scarf is beautiful! And for some reason, there was a link to boro jeans - those are super cute. Would love to try that.

  6. I always find your posts so interesting and enjoy them so much. I also enjoy when you give the "moon alignment" updates. (hope that is phrased correctly:)
    Your scarf is beautiful, will be cozy to wear the rest of the winter.

  7. Your scarf turned out lovely. I hope the very near future holds clarity and peace for you, & the rest of us, too!

  8. even in your distress, your word and words shine with a quiet and compelling authority. blessings to you! I like the idea of self-as-radio... listening, listening...

  9. I meant "work and words"