Tuesday, January 10, 2017

a friendly place

And just like that, a new year has dawned and the season of cold comfort is underway. 


Winter gardens are spread around the house wherever there's light, I'm just trying to keep everyone alive at this point. The orange tree in the kitchen is blooming its very last blossom now and when that's done, I'll give it a nice long shower in the bathroom and move it to another room for a while. All parties involved need to be rotated around, the ferns presently under lights in the basement each need a turn to hang by a window and the eucalyptus deserves a sunny place for a time -- and so on. I think the shortage of light this time of year makes me a more attentive plant person. That yellow chair in the background was $10 at a yard sale last summer. We'll probably spend hundreds having it reupholstered someday, I just really like it.

On New Year's Eve, I stitched the last of the blue moons onto the vintage doll quilt that my grandmother made. It came into my hands nine years ago. There were 16 squares that I filled with 16 moons. I hoped it was the right thing to do. 

A few days ago I remembered another quilt from my grandmother -- a baby quilt. The same pink fabric. And 16 squares. That I think I've had since I was a child. She must have made them around the same time. She must have had a little leftover fabric from making the baby quilt. They are cut from the same cloth. Like she and I.

My nightly ritual of going outside with the dogs before bed helps me attune to the phase of the moon, the clarity of the stars, the color of the night, the temperature of the air, which houses still have lights on, the sound of traffic on a busy street a few blocks away...and so much more. It has become an integral part of my day. It calms me and reminds me that the world is ultimately a friendly place. It makes for a good night. xx


  1. This sure is a friendly place! I love the cheery pinks, bright with love and story, showing up in the gray/white season of now. I notice the white chenille moon and am reminded of an old yard sale bedspread I once used, cost me a quarter!
    Finally, I like imagining you out under the moon, as I am upon arriving home each night...looking up before heading in. Goodnight friend.

  2. What a lovely in-sight ... ;-)
    Great chair ! (daughter did one with old
    jeans fabric)

  3. I love that so many American and Canadian folks have stitchery from their ancestors and family to keep as momentos. My family have never been that forwards thinking, as nostalgic or thoughtful. My own efforst too fall on deaf ears lol my daughter turfs bags of things out to charity shops and one day I fear, she will not have anything left to handle with love, to recall memories and people.
    My son likewise ... jeez, I'm lucky if he answers my calls or texts LOL
    Theres a stunning moon over my garden tonight, buttery yellow as it rises up on high - I had a chat with it whilst the dog had a tiddle - as you do.
    It told me to get back indoors, a cold night is due!

  4. What uplifting cheering pinks and thoughts. yours' is such a happy filling place.

  5. I think it was wonderful you added to your grandmothers quilt, you kept the integrity of the quilt and added something very personal to it. I love it and would be thrilled if one of my descendant added to my quilt especially if it was moons!
    Love your nightly ritual.

  6. I have an old pink baby quilt that I'm not really sure of the origin. It's just always been there. I imagine used for me as a baby maybe made by a family friend or my Grandma. It's stuffed in a drawer, and I'm thinking about looking it over and maybe do some stitchery to it. It might give it some new life! I love how yours turned out! Also..... you remind me to pick up a hyacinth. Love having them around this time of year.