Thursday, January 31, 2013

calling the 4 directions

One recent morning I got up when it was still dark -- my husband got up at daybreak and called me to look outside. Beautiful. So I invoked the four directions with the camera, these are photos (the color is unedited) taken from the front porch -- the north being the clear blue sky.

Now I'm noticing the same vibe elsewhere, like the 4-square still missing one of its squares that I'm thinking should be blue now. The bedside tabletop with African violets and amethyst. A blue jay feather on a moon cloth in progress. Blues, pinks, and purples make me feel a certain way that's hard to put into words. But I can relate that it's somehow a sense of deepening and well-being. How do these colors make you feel?

I wonder what color the hyacinth-in-a-jar bloom will be. Happy weekending. xx


Ms. said...

Such pretty pictures...I have some similar ones from a four directions moment when I was in Utah--and I think the colors make me feel nostalgic--a gentle mix of sadness and love. The blue feather is absolutely the blue that I love best. It makes me feel strong and centered. The Spring green of that emerging bloom in the last photo is the color of hope to me--a certain energy of new growth.

liniecat said...

I adore those skies!
They remind me so much of the cowboy jigsaws my dad used to do when I was a child.
I used to love doing them with him.

Nancy said...

Peggy...another gorgeous post!
I agree with Michelle..."nostalgic--a gentle mix of sadness and love" - in regards to the sky blue pink. But, those same colors in the next two photos bring a calm, and I guess some longing too. The purity of the in process moon cloth combined with the bluejean feather symbolizes comfort, promise and center.
Lastly, the little poke of green reminds me of me and my spring birth and my birth story retold over the years by my very loving mama!
Thank you for this beauty!

Jeannie said...

I love the colors in this post. They elicit a serene effect on me. Like a warm quilt, they comfort. I love the tree in your square. It reminds me of the Monkey Puzzle tree my Gram had. Thanks for the calming color and inspiration. (I too have vingettes scattered around the house.)

ArtSings1946 said...

I love this post ... thanks so much ... I have very little time on the computer right now until mine gets up to par so I was meant to see this. Love our Pagan ways.

Happiness always,

Jacky said...

Peggy I love your stitched moons...and all the touches of blue.

I got to admire our full moon for a while this time...before the clouds came across. So bright this time of year.

Beautiful post.

Jacky xox

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your post feels so good on the eyes, we're in the middle of a big snow storm, beautiful but a little bit of color would be nice.
Your quilt blocks look like they were inspired from the pictures, love them!

Chris said...

Amethyst and blue bring peace and a sense of spaciousness, which remind me of Spirit. How wonderful that you noticed (and showed us) these colors in your life.

Trish said...

What wonderful colours. They make me feel soulful, peaceful and wide and deep... love them! xxx

handstories said...

they take me back to my early 20's...beautiful skies, and love the 3 almost 4 patch-you're right a blue square of those sky colors would round it out.

ali said...

lovely, quietly beautiful images-

Peggy said...

Dear Everyone, a big thank you for your lovely, thoughtful comments. xo