drawing down the moon

. . . with full moon art

Living and creating with the cycles of the moon is a powerful aspect of Earth wisdom. When the moon ripens into fullness, creative energies and projects also culminate. This is where I share full moon art -- stitched, painted, knitted, photographed, written -- inspired by attuning with the full moon. 

Stitching a meandering pathway for each of 13 moons -- embroidery floss on natural linen.

 march 2015

february 2015

january 2015

december 2014

eye to the moon
A 13-moon sewing ritual incorporating moons, houses with eyes, and calendar cloth components, approximately 4" x 8", December 2012 through December 2013.

 november 2013

october 2013

july 2013

june 2013

may 2013

april 2013

march 2013

february 2013

january 2013

december 2012

girl with moon
A 13-moon itty-canvas painting ritual conjured and painted on full moons, December 2011 through November 2012. My friends' full moon art is also shown here by the month.

                                  magpie moon (*Peggy

Moonweb (* Peggy

 Lightning Moon (* Peggy

Dyeing by the Full Moon (* Judy

Knitting by the Full Moon (* Judy

Gift of Rivers Moon (* Jo in Florida

august blue 2012
Blue Moon Swing (* Peggy

Blue Moon (* Laurie in Colorado 

Blue Moon Cloth (* Nancy

 Shining Woman Moon (* Jo

(* Laura

Jo & Laura's paint brushes -- Q-tips and pine needles w/duct tape

august 2012
Crochet Wand Moon (* Peggy

Knower of Birds (* Jo in Florida

july 2012
 Wheatfield Moonset (* Peggy

The Empress (* Jo in Florida

june 2012
Leaf Shawl Moon (* Peggy

Knower of Stones (* Jo in Florida

may 2012

 Green Water Moon (* Peggy

 Jo's Florida Moon

4 of Trees (* Jo in Florida

april 2012
Moonseeds (* Peggy

Ace of Birds (* Jo in Florida

march 2012

6 of Rivers (* Jo in Florida

february 2012


Pat in Colorado, photo & cloth moon with geese

                                                        3 of birds (* Jo in Florida
Jo's red moon photo

january 2012

Pat in Colorado

3 of Trees (* Jo in Florida

december 2011