Monday, January 24, 2011

a good time to rebalance

Another written-word cloth project . . . wish cloth made from the skeleton jeans, cotton, silks and velvet.

                                                                                                     not feeling it -- where's the magic?

This piece is in the editing process -- just like the third-quarter waning moon -- trimming, decreasing, smoothing, clearing, reducing, and rebalancing.

                                                                                          getting better, starting to feel the magic!

The red silk and black cotton were both removed, a deeper purple added. One of the wish cloth strips holds a secret wish and is turned inward. I like the calm of it now . . .

This moonday is a waning moon in Libra, the sign of neutrality and balance. While a waning moon is already a letting-go time, with the addition of Libra energy, I find this to be the perfect time to clear and edit spaces -- whether it be colors in a quilt square, recyclables piling up, or furniture in a room. Neither overly-attached to the status quo, nor impulsive toward change -- calm and balanced.

I have a hunch that waning moon/airy Libra days would also be a great time to have carpets cleaned -- when we have the carpet cleaned, we clear out as much of the small furniture and decorative stuff as is reasonable. After it's dried, it's nice to have this mostly-empty living space to slowly bring things back into. The whole business turns into an opportunity to decide if and where an item will stay or be shelved or passed along. Space clearing can evolve into giving if items are donated somewhere or set outside labeled "free." If you've ever set something out with the free sign and then watched from your window as someone came along and claimed it, you know how good that feels.

Physically, Libra represents the hips, kidneys and bladder. That means that any treatment for those parts is possibly more effective under the sign of Libra, and those same parts may be more easily strained. The hips keep our bodies in stable balance. We need healthy hip joints to stay active and moving. I've just read an article about putting every joint in the body through its full range of motion, each day. To help do this, we are advised to do routine activities slightly different -- use the right hand instead of the left, put the left leg forward instead of the right, change chairs. To create balance.

Questions that come up on this Libra day are: How easily do I lose my balance, both inner and outer? What causes me to become out-of-balance? What can I do to stay balanced?

Keeping this in mind, now I'm off to clear and balance a few messy areas in this house!


Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

Your new weaving is so soothing and calm. It makes me take a deep breath and let it out slowly. I feel like that's your purpose here. The colors are very elegant, but not over the top, so that it feels stiff and formal. The top picture weaving is more relaxed and comfortable... something that would add a smashing up-lift to a denim jacket! As always, I love your life ramblings.

;-) Debi

woman with wings said...

Debi, thanks for your insight. You are right on the top one being more relaxed and you are also right that it could really dress up a denim jacket! Hmmm, now I'm thinking . . . !!