Monday, January 31, 2011

it wanted a moon

The wish cloth has persistently and magically kept a place on the top of the sewing pile, it clearly wanted more attention. It wanted to be part of the moon quilt. It wanted a moon . . .

                                            one                                                                                          two

                                                                             three . . . a moon at last!

Its indigo moon is from here. You can tell from the picture that it's a dark, snowy morning here in Colorado.

I usually mention that moonday is ruled by the moon but haven't yet referred to the ruling planets of the other days of the week. Each day is actually named for either its ruling planet or a divinity associated with that planet -- Moon (Monday); Tiu, god of Mars (Tuesday); Woden, god of Mercury (Wednesday); Thor, god of Jupiter (Thursday); Freya, goddess of Venus (Friday); Saturn (Saturday); and the Sun (Sunday). When you think about it, isn't it amazing that these ancient designations still hold today?

Sometimes I dress in the color associated with the day -- this moonday, I'm wearing a light blue top. There are other correspondences to the days of the week besides color -- metal, gemstones, plants, etc. -- and by no means is there a consensus on color but this is the chart I have. It can make choosing what to wear in the morning a little more interesting.

Moonday -- blue, silver, white
Tuesday -- red, pink
Wednesday -- yellow
Thursday -- lavender, purple
Friday -- green
Saturday -- black, white, grey
Sunday -- yellow, gold, white, orange

This dark moon moonday in Capricorn is a time to calmly clear out the old to create space for the new. Eliminate what you no longer need. Let things disintegrate.Take down projects that have been completed and celebrated.  Clean out the refrigerator and remove dusty dried flower arrangements. If you still have any Yule decorations around, pack them away. Take down old displays that have lost their appeal. Clear the refrigerator door or bulletin board of paper clutter. With the Capricorn influence of persistent and serious focus, this should be a most efficient process today! Tomorrow will be different -- it will be the last dark moon day and better spent resting and being inspired for the next moon cycle.

Capricorn rules the all-around health of the bones, knees, and skin making this the ideal time to treat conditions of those parts while remembering to not overstress them in any way.  Skin treatments that calm, soothe, or moisturize may be more effective, but avoid using harsh exfoliant or acid treatments. Also, avoid heavy lifting or pushing too hard when running, walking or lifting weights. Spending long hours sitting at the computer can be stressful on the spine, so take frequent breaks today. Keeping this in mind, I'm getting away from the computer now to 1) clear off my desk and 2)  fold and organize the piles of fabric around here and 3) organize crafty-paper stash.

See you Tuesday -- red & pink!


  1. Thank you for sharing this chart! I used to know this oriental man who talked about eating by the time of day and what grew in correspondance to that. i.e. potatoes were night because they grew underground, nuts and fruit were morning because they grew up high, etc. etc. Also eating in season. It all makes sense as do colors, and planets and days of the week.

  2. You're welcome, Marie -- all of it makes life interesting and, hopefully, more thoughtful, too!