Monday, January 3, 2011

dark moon day

Today is the first dark moon of the year, the first moonday of the year and the first time a 2011 moon is in Capricorn. We can't see the face of the moon now because it's directly between us and the sun. Even so, these remaining hours before the birth of the new moon tomorrow are powerful indeed. To begin with, a dark moon (balsamic moon) is an intuitive time. It's when to evaluate and complete projects, to tie up loose ends. It's when to plan and research future endeavors keeping in mind the wisdom gained from the past. It's a time of release, to write and/or stitch in a stream-of-consciousness manner.

Some dark moon attributes for me today:

                                                           ~dark moon sun weaving~ "tie up loose ends"

                                                                                         ~dark moon prayer flags~ "complete projects"

                                           ~dark moon lucia cloth~ "stream-of-consciousness stitching"

The physical effects of this moon parallel the metaphysical. The key word is release. If you've been fasting or detoxifying, hang in there one more day, toxins may be more easily released. And if you are working on an addiction or a bad habit, this day may get you through to the other side. Stress and tension and even excess water can be more efficiently released. It could be a good day to fill a bag or box for Goodwill. Or pack up some of the holiday decorations -- if you're not celebrating 12 days, that is!

Capricorn days are the time to focus on the skin, bones, and joints, especially the knees. It is the best sign under which to have chiropractic treatment and also the best time for dental work, something to keep in mind when scheduling those appointments. Cutting toenails and fingernails is well done now, too. By the way, the waning moon is usually the best time to cut both nails and hair to discourage fast regrowth. But if you want your hair to grow back fast, have it trimmed during a waxing moon. I just had a haircut a few days ago and am keeping tabs on how long before I really need my next one.

Another helpful bit to know is that Capricorn days have the quality of being cool. Temperatures always feel just a little bit cooler than the thermometer shows. In the Northern Hemisphere we may need to dress warmer today, and in the Southern Hemisphere the heat will be easier to bear.

I'm not an astrologer or a lunar expert, just someone who watches the moon -- a lunarian, maybe? See you tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Happy Moooon-day to you Pennny : ) Your lunar posts are wonderful. I love your insights and lunarian wisdom. I truly enjoy reading your blog, seeing your art and feeeling your positive energy - thank you : ) Happy needlechanting day : )
Blessings, Sandra in AZ : )

woman with wings said...

Thank you, Sandra, AZ mountain woman! Needlechanting -- just love that word!