Friday, January 21, 2011

1 turns into 2, 2 turns into 3

I thought I would make a proper cape so got out old patterns in various sizes. Had quite a pile there -- but ended up not using any of them. They only seemed to complicate things so I just cut in. It was to be a red cape with purple lining. But when I put the two together, it was much too heavy and might've pulled at the neck. So 1 turned into 2!

There is a little boy who is getting two capes this weekend. One will be shiny red and one will be shiny purple. They will flow and flutter behind him when he runs. He will be a knight. Or a king. Or who knows? He will be stronger when he wears a cape. He will be taller -- he might even be faster! For sure, he will be 2 turning 3!

Now I better get sewing here. So I can wrap up two capes, a sword and a shield for that sweet little Aquarian!


Patricia said...

Love your description and pictures.

woman with wings said...

Thanks, Patricia! The capes are nearly finished, just need to sew on some velcro closures.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

hey peggy...sorry to interrupt the
velcro finale....but
are you familiar with Donna
i was looking at the darker piece
i did in the contemp. boro
and realized how my eyes were
tracking the very vague design
and this led to finding the
Donna Cunnigham book...
if interested in talking
to you about it?
and p.s.
my son (in denver at the moment,
could run faster, was more powerful
in general with his superman cape.
maybe i should make him a new one?)

woman with wings said...

Grace, are you referring to the cover of The Moon In Your Life? Because that does remind me of maybe the first piece I ever saw of yours! With the moons? I actually had never heard of Donna Cunningham so I looked up her books and I noticed that book cover. Is that what you mean? Or if I'm not "getting it" you have to tell me now, you've got my curiosity up! The cover of Healing Pluto Problems also reminds me of your window weaving with the chimes hanging over it. I'm going to check out some of her books at the library, especially the one about being lunar in a solar world, that's me alright. My little grandson will like the capes I think. I hope!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

hey peggy...i first read her book
on Bach Flower Remedies and then
when i was part owner of the book
store, i just ordered a lot of her books...the two that are interesting to me now (and i still
have) are
The Spiritual Dimensions of Healing
Addictions and
Further Dimensions of Healing Addictions
i never did anythings with these
other than like them
but what i liked the most are the
diagrams in them. these are simple
lines and sometimes other things
like circles, dots and intersecting lines. might wonder what this has to do with anything...last night
i had pinned the dark cloth that
i'd made to the curtain. it was
late and the light wasn't good
and i found myself looking at it
and trying to see the changes in
the weave...discern the light from
the medium fabric and so i was
tracking the weave with my eyes.
there was something very relaxing
about that and i suddenly remembered Cunningham's work. She
is first and foremost an astrologer
so i just wondered if you were
familiar with her books. this idea of tracking the weave is
really interesting to me....may
pursue that.
anyway...that was it....

and the capes will get much love
and use i am sure. they can provide
a whole other universe for little boys....
xoxo g