Monday, November 22, 2010

another moonday

                                 stitching stars on red moon

This Moonday finds the moon in the sign of Gemini while the sun has just entered Sagittarius. Happy Birthday, dear Sag.'s! For many years, I have oddly loved Mondays while most people dreaded them. Because it meant the return of a semblance of order in the home or because it is a day ruled by the moon -- don't know -- but still love the feel of a nice new Monday.

Since March, I've been playing "name-that-moon" as it relates to nature or something in my life. Along with this idea, the moon quilt has slowly begun to take form. There are rules for the moon quilt, mind you. It must be composed of cloth only from stash; it must have background squares the color of the night sky; there must be 13 moons ultimately; and each moon must hold the essence of a named moon. Some people just need a gimmick, you know, with the rules and all? It's a way to begin anyway. With enthusiasm.

March -- Violet  
April -- Wafting Apple Blossom
May -- Wind
June -- Double Rainbow
July -- Cricket
August -- Red
September -- Brightest Ever
October -- Cruise Room
November -- Purple (crayon)

How do you feel about Mondays? Do you notice the moon's influence?

Tomorrow, a little something about tasty herbal vinegars!

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