Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a tutorial: lavender body oil

Lavender body oil was made. A jar was filled once with fresh lavender flowers and again with olive oil. Brewed in this kitchen, strained on a full moon. It smells heavenly, absolutely not like olive oil and absolutely not like lavender flowers. 'Tis herself.

Lavender is multi-versatile. From clearing depression to easing aches and pains to promoting better sleep. This oil is not for internal use, but you can dribble a little into your bath water or slather it all over yourself after a bath or shower. Or dab some on your temples if you feel a headache coming on or just plain old need to calm down. Or just whenever you feel like it.

When I see things like this that I can't possibly make now (unless you're waaayy down south), I mark my calendar to remind myself -- things like "plant calendula or you'll be sorry" under the month of May or "make rose petal milk shakes" under June, etc. So for this, you'd write a note for June "make luscious lavender body oil that WwW wrote about"!

lavender body oil:

Fill jar with freshly harvested blossoms of lavender, Lavendula officinalis, making sure plant material and jar are both completely dry to avoid the growth of mold. Fill jar again to the very top with olive oil. Put on lid and infuse in a cool, dark place 2-6 weeks or so -- on a protected surface because it may seep a little.

    Fast forward. Items needed: old cloth napkin, sieve, extra container.

To strain, place plant material in napkin-lined sieve set on top of extra container.

Twist ends of napkin to make a ball and squeeze hard;
add the spent lavender to the compost.

Pour oil back into clean, dry container; label; store in cool, dark place;
 keeps for at least a year. Decant into smaller containers if you like.

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