Friday, November 26, 2010

casting on

Today. 5 posts. 5 stitches cast on.

Each new stitch I've wondered the usual questions one does at the beginning of a new piece -- does it look right or start over again? Am I good enough, do I have the time? Just who are you making this for? Shouldn't a person really finish her other projects before she starts a new one?

Next week I will pick up the other needle and begin to knit the first row. With enthusiasm. And maybe find some answers.

I don't mind if you look over my shoulder . . .

                                                                  5 stitches


Anonymous said...

Such exquisite yarn. The colors and texture are yummy. Did you spin this yourself or purchase it like that? I love it, so beautiful.

woman with wings said...

thank you. it's "magallanes" wool from Chile and just as wonderful to touch as to see.