Monday, December 13, 2010

with moon in hand

                                                          st. lucia's day light returning, moon rising

Over the last week, these little cloth moons have been cut, washed, frayed, ironed, scrunched up, and ironed again. They've been pinned, unpinned, repositioned, and repinned many times -- probably in the double digits by now. Same with the layered background of washed dark blue velvet and blue/purple rayon from stash, and a strip of marigold-dyed silk -- finally ending up like this with a dark night sky and a light foreground, maybe snow-covered. The moon will rise over the middle layer -- water or mountains, haven't decided yet. But the piece will tell me. I choose to not perceive this as obsession but rather reflection.

This little 11"x11" square is for the moon quilt and I feel like it already holds the essence of the December moon. It began to take form (around the new moon) when I started following the wisewoman of cloth, Spirit Cloth, as she made holiday cloths. Hopefully, I can name its magic by the time of the full moon.

Today being St. Lucia's Day may have some bearing on the future name. Light returning, moon rising. And my grandmother's name, too -- Lucia. Hmmm.

This nice, new Moonday is the first quarter moon in the sign of Pisces. Each phase of the moon is a quarter, whether waxing or waning, and today the moon has waxed to the half-way point and appears as a perfect half moon in tonight's sky. If you're lucky enough to have clear skies, that is.  We're about a week away now from the next full moon which will be a glorious day with all kinds of celestial events occurring.

As the moon grows closer to complete fullness, its effects on people are thought to intensify. Realize that if the moon's gravitational force is strong enough to cause our oceans to literally bulge out towards it (high tide), it has to affect all of us as well! Now is when you may feel your body holding water and a little extra weight. This is the right time to slow down, build up your strength, nourish and nurture yourself. Any new moon wishes that you've made are also strengthening and growing toward manifestation.

Pisces energy affects our feet. A waxing moon in Pisces turns out to be a good time to slow down and spend some time taking care of your feet -- applying a nice lotion or oil, wearing favorite shoes and socks, taking a foot bath, and/or having a foot massage. Can you think of any other ways to nurture your feet?

With moon in hand, I will now begin to baste.

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