Thursday, December 16, 2010


yule craft: sew double-duty wrapping

Mailing Yule gifts can be a process. Or any gift for that matter. You need to wrap them once in gift wrapping. Then you need to wrap them again, or package them, to be mailed. This way gets it all done in one wrapping. One side is for mailing, then flip it over to go under the tree. Sew double-duty.

     under-the-tree side (l) -- flip it over -- mailing side (r)

                                                           address label for mailing

gift label for giving

ho-ho-ho, ready to go

 Basic instructions for sewing up a book-size package: Find a paper bag like you did a few days ago, cut along one side to open. Measure your item and add 1 3/4" - 2" to all sides. These are the measurements to mark for your sewing lines. Cut outside of the sewing lines by about an inch (two sheets for each package). To decorate the gift side, cut shapes out of scrap paper and zig-zag them on. Then with right sides out, zig-zag or straight stitch on the sewing lines around three sides, insert the item, and stitch the remaining side. Trim the edges with pinking shears. Put a gift label on the decorated side and a postal label on the mailing side.

See you Moonday!


  1. I've done this before too, works well. Love all the tutorials/projects you've created for the last couple posts.

  2. Thanks, Nitdia -- I wish I could read Spanish!!

  3. Deb, one of those packages in the pictures goes to Singapore! Hope it makes it o.k. -- and thanks for the kind words.