Monday, December 6, 2010

we wish makers know this for a fact

                          red moon has hair like Pippi Longstocking

"Right down to the level of individual cells the lunar wind is blowing and bringing all living creatures into vibrant motion. The ability to feel this and become a good sailing ship in this breeze can greatly assist a healthy way of life, a life in harmonious equilibrium."  MoonTime by Johanna Paungger & Thomas Poppe

Today is what I call a New Moonday. It is a Moonday with an hours-old new moon that began under the influence of Sagittarius. Even though the moon will move into Capricorn later today, I'm looking at Sagittarius because that is when this new moon entered and it will continue to reflect that Sagittarian energy throughout this cycle. Sagittarius is a good time to heal and strengthen the thighs, lower back, and hips. Pain relievers for those areas may prove more effective as well -- a visit to a hot springs or a good soak in the bathtub would be extra-soothing. A hot compress on a strained lower back might offer more pain relief. St. John's Wort oil used as a liniment and rubbed on the area for sciatica or where there are sore muscles in the upper legs can magically lift the pain.

The reverse holds true as well -- those same body parts, when stressed, may be more affected in an adverse way -- a grueling run or walk or hike might actually cause some issues. If you find yourself in the situation of overdoing it today, applying that same St. John's Wort oil can help you deal with tomorrow's day-after muscle pain.

The most amazing thing about this Moonday is that it is a time for new beginnings. Right now the moon has begun to wax (grow) and right now its magnetic force is affecting all water on the planet -- the oceans, our bodies, seeds in the earth -- enhancing and strengthening growth.

This is the best possible time ever-ever to make wishes, to visualize, to affirm, and to begin new projects.The way I see it is -- a wish is a thought charged with desire. The desire energizes and propels the thought towards manifestation. We are learning a lot these days about how manifestation comes about -- it's just another thing in life that can be really complicated or really simple depending on how deep you want or need to go.

Each new moon, I write up to 10 wishes in a notebook, making notations with the date and what planetary influence the new moon is under. My first wish on this new moon is "I want to easily and joyfully make, or find and purchase, the perfect Yule gifts for all the people I am giving gifts to this month."

New moon wishes can be about anything that you would like to bring into your life -- just make sure they are for you and not someone else. Wishes made now on healing the thighs, sciatica, hip pain, etc. will be very powerful with the added energies of Sagittarius. Be specific. You can end each wish with "or for the greatest good for all" or something like that if you question your wording.

If When you make your list, be careful what you wish for as wishes do come true. We wish makers know this for a fact.

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  1. it seems to be St Johns wort day today as well as Moonday, how coincidental. k.