Friday, December 31, 2010

guinness floats

Yesterday brought two new taste adventures -- one was pho, the second was a Guinness ice cream float. One right after the other.

Here's the making of the floats. We made them in place of birthday cake for a non-cake-loving birthday girl. And root beer was also available. And chocolate ice cream.

 grate chocolate, any chocolate

 dip the rim of the glass in chocolate sauce, then into the grated chocolate,
put the glasses in the freezer until it's time

 new best friends, guinness and haagen-dazs vanilla

happy birthday to jonni
happy new year to all


Tammi said...

Greetings My Friend,
I love your blog and will bring a cup of tea and sit a bit often to read it. Thank you for the lunar calendar, which will get used everyday, as I've tucked it into my nature journal. With Green Thoughts, Tammi

woman with wings said...

Thanks for the kind words, Tammi. You are one of the forever people in my life.