Monday, December 27, 2010

let it be

                                                                                                         lucia moon

Stitching needles on blue spruce limbs. Uh-oh, realized there's some yellow snow there. Must be moonbeams.

On this day ruled by the moon, moonday, we find ourselves with a waning quarter moon in the neutral sign of Libra. This last quarter of Luna's cycle is the best time to let it go, let it die, let it rest, and let it be. It's not only a relief to do this but it creates space for something new and wonderful to emerge.

Being Libra represents fairness and balance, it's also a nice couple of days in which a cooperative spirit allows us to more easily let go of judgments, opinions, and past disagreements -- the energy of "feeling the love" creates a rebalancing of sort. Libra days affect the kidneys, bladder and hips -- make sure you drink enough water, sometimes inflammation and a brewing infection can simply be flushed out with an adequate amount of fluid. Herbs taken for an existing urinary infection may be more successful with Libra's influence. The hips represent stability and balance both physically and otherwise. I suspect that when the mind and soul become more balanced, minor hip problems could possibly self-correct. As always, remember that while this is a good time for healing these body parts, it is also the time that they are more easily affected in an adverse way.

Let it be and be well.

P.S. I have these all over my house and highly recommend them for basic information.
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