Monday, December 20, 2010

the moon is a different thing to each of us

                                                                                                                      spiral of time

The moon is a different thing to each of us.
Frank Borman, Apollo VIII Astronaut 12/24/68

Seeing the moon pretty much always excites me. I mean really. I just want to say to anyone and everyone, "how 'bout that moon?" I can't wrap my brain around why people aren't looking up and pointing at a beautiful crescent taking form or a swollen gibbous moon looking like it's going to birth a star any second. Or why we don't hear about it on the news, as part of the weather report at the very least -- what stage it's in, how close to Earth it is, and other details about the positions of the surrounding stars. Why don't we use it to mark time anymore like "my last hot flash was three moons ago" or "plant pepper seeds two moons from now?"  When did moons become months? Just when did we leave behind the old way of traveling the spiral of time guided by the moon? I want it back.

This moonday, we see a nearly full moon in the sign of Gemini with no less than eight significant aspects occurring. When a waxing moon is in Gemini, it's a good time to take care of the shoulders, arms, and hands. We should also be careful not to strain those same parts. Avoid carrying heavy loads like the boxes of Yule decorations up from the basement, or those heavy packages that are magically appearing on everyone's front porch. Standing under the showerhead set on a massage feature would be great today. A shoulder rub will feel extra good. Protect your hands today by wearing gloves whether you're gardening on a sunny warm day in the Southern Hemisphere or outside shoveling snow in the Northern Hemisphere. Also, we carry a lot of stress in our shoulders, and heavens forbid, if you catch yourself with clenched fists, that's a definite sign to have a tea time-out with a relaxing herbal tea like chamomile, oatstraw, or lemon balm.

This moon will give birth tomorrow and people are noticing it -- maybe change is afoot! We expect the safe delivery of the return of Light, a full moon, a lunar eclipse, a move into the sign of Cancer, and probably aspects and manifestations galore. I sort of know how the moon feels. Years ago, I was in the same condition -- one of my labors began late on Solstice Eve and I gave birth on Solstice Day.

See you tomorrow.


  1. like this post very much.
    i also like watching Moon and
    standing out there in the dark so
    small and thinking how every one i
    know who is also standing out there
    so small is looking at the
    same Moon.
    how can this be?
    what a wonder Full thing.

  2. have a son, in Denver. a Cancer.
    maybe you could send a thought for
    him from where you are....

  3. Grace, I will. When I go out to say good night to the moon!