Tuesday, December 14, 2010

elder cloth

                                                                   orange marigold dye-bath

This is the second piece that went into the orange marigold dye-bath -- another square of white silk but this time it was sprinkled with freshly picked elderberries from the Mother Elder in the back garden. Otherwise the same procedure as here was followed. What beautiful colors Sambucus and Tagetes make together!

                                                                                                   dyed and dried

While ironing with a hot dry iron, the most amazing thing happened -- flowers mysteriously appeared right before my eyes. Plant magic, for sure.


Monet-like yellow flowers . . . iris, daffodil, or hollyhock? See the centers of the blooms?

I'm anxious to find a use for this beautiful cloth. Thank you, Mother Elder . . .


  1. it will come to you... this is a wonderful color combination. heat often changes things in my world. recently i was printing some photos on fabric and ironed them dry to get an etherial effect... it was against the "rules" but thats why it was fun!
    btw.. i just joined your blog!

  2. thanks for the reassurance, Nandas, and I'm coming to visit you now!