Monday, January 17, 2011

changing moon

                                                                        red moon

                                                                                                                        red spirit moon
There is a chant "she changes everything she touches, and everything she touches, changes" that I think is most appropriate with this piece. red moon is undergoing change -- it's being snipped and split and woven and quilted to hold what she's learned recently over at Spirit Cloth.  And she even changed its name.

Change is good.

As the moon moves through its lunar phases, the times that we are able to see it change: A new moon rises and sets with the sun, so we don't even see it for about three days around then. The first quarter moon rises around noon and sets at midnight and the full moon rises at sunset and sets at sunrise. That's when you can sometimes see the moon setting and the sun rising at the same time if you get up early! Or vice versa, the moon rising as the sun slips over the horizon. The last quarter moon rises at midnight and sets around noon the next day. One thing to remember here is the only moon that you will see high in the sky in the middle of the night is a full moon.

When I stepped outside last night, the moon was high in the sky around 9:50 PM MST, tonight it'll be about 50 minutes later. By the time of the full moon on Wednesday, it will be high in the night sky around midnight, as the full moon always is.

Today is a moonday changing from Gemini (coincidentally the sign of change!) to Cancer  (in about an hour from now). Now is when to take care of the chest, lungs, stomach, liver and gall-bladder -- and to also avoid overworking those same parts. This is a good time to eat lightly, have a cup of mint tea after dinner to aid digestion, and avoid alcohol to give the liver a break. Cancer days feel cool and moist. Don't wash anything like bedding or pillows that take a long time to dry because they'll take even longer now and for the next two days. But do water indoor and outdoor plants -- and if you're sowing seeds this month, this is the perfect time to do so.

A moon in Cancer is when both psychic awareness is heightened and emotions & feelings are intensified. You may notice things now, feel things, know things.  With the impending full moon, you may have trouble sleeping. It can be a little unsettling. At the same time and maybe because of feeling unsettled, Cancer brings out the nesting urge and the desire to feed people and to create a safe place. The moon is still waxing (growing) so continue on projects already begun, tend to plans made, and visualize your wishes made into reality. The intuitive strength of Cancer can help us see more clearly exactly what changes we need to make to see our projects reach completion.

Do you feel your nesting instinct awakening today?


Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

I adore the changes taking place here. Your weaving is beautiful and adds so much texture and depth to your moon!

;~) Debi

woman with wings said...

Debi, thanks! It was just too plain, too red, too blue, too everything, I was just waiting patiently for an idea . . . and the weaving was just what it needed.

nandas said...

i'm gemini and there has been a lot of change in my life lately... glad it will settle down. '
your moon piece is changing nicely...
now where does that quote come from "everything she touches changes..." ?

woman with wings said...

Hi Nandas -- thanks -- the chant is by Starhawk in the book Circle of Song by Kate Marks. I find myself saying it fairly often lately!

helen said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this whole post and hope you keep posting little info bits as the moon changes. Love the cloth too.

woman with wings said...

Thank you so much, Helen -- I hope to post about the moon again on Wednesday (full moon) and, of course, every moonday!

Marie said...

Thank you for sharing about the moon. I am incredibly sensitive. My birth sign is Cancer and I have had so much change lately...I knew there was something going on in the "heavens". It is a time of great change on every level.

Love your moon weaving : )

woman with wings said...

Marie, you're very welcome, I hope these little bits of information help us all to go with and through planetary changes, rather than avoid them and suffer! I hope you are in a good place, your new blog seems to be a wonderful rebirth, indeed.

joe said...

oooooh! the transitions appearing in your moon are simply wonderful! such movement. such life. such texture. a sense of direction. redirection. growth. change. rebirth. my eyes don't want to rest. they long to traverse the many new paths in and out of this wondrous moon! i love it!


woman with wings said...

Well, thank you, Joe. I think now I must let it be for a while and go back to it when I'm to be trusted again with the scissors.