Friday, October 4, 2013

black white red

The September moon cloth was finished just in time for today's new moon in Libra. It's the tenth little full moon cloth in a series of 13 full moons, my sewing ritual for this year. Each cloth has a full moon, a house with an eye, and a calendar cloth component -- to be completed by the following new moon. Sometimes I barely make my own deadline. This piece kept getting complicated, there was a lot of tearing out and a lot of sighing. Finally I decided to not worry about adding components, to just let the background cloth be the focus. Simple does not always mean easy.

I'm envisioning the wheat bundle from my birth state, North Dakota, as the Goddess Demeter's wand but probably not many farmers would think of it quite like that.

The fermented cayenne peppers for hot pepper sauce that I started a few weeks ago were blended and strained this morning. One half-cup was all I got from a whole pint jar stuffed with peppers because there was mold on the very top so half the jar had to be pitched. From what I've read, if you remove the moldy parts and the remainder doesn't taste or smell bad, it's okay. Really, really hot stuff -- I named it cha-cha sauce -- so a half-cup will be plenty. Chop-chop sauce would be a good name, too, because it makes you run for milk or water.

More cayenne peppers -- deciding what to do with them. I think I have plenty drying for homemade cayenne powder already. Any ideas? Pickled? 

This time of year, beautiful red is everywhere. Those four tomatoes ripening on the kitchen windowsill are probably the last beefsteak tomatoes we'll have -- I had to pick them early because we're expecting a freeze tonight. There's lots more to do in the garden before nightfall.

Happy weekending and good gardening to you, whether you're harvesting, planting, or in-between. xo


deanna7trees said...

i think this is my favorite of your moon cloths....a black and white maze with an 'eye spy'.
thought of you when is saw this:
have you seen these before. i ordered some seeds.

Peggy said...

Thanks, Deanna -- and no, I hadn't heard of cucumelons! I just read about them, they sound tasty. I'll put them on my list of things to try, thank you. :)

Nancy said...

This one is so striking!! Black, white, red - POW POP!!!
those tomatoes look so yummy. I still have the last few of my antique bottle collection. One is a Castor Oil bottle, looks similar to one of yours :)

Carol said...

I tried that fermented cayenne recipe too (thank you!!) Hotter than the hinges of hell!! It's the perfect solstice gift for a friend who thinks they can handle hot stuff!!LOL!

handstories said...

I still love that tree & the black & white stitching side by side along the labyrinth line.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

This moon cloth is very striking, I love it. I also love how you label your canned food. Beautiful blog!

Peggy said...

Hi Nancy, thanks! These little bottles are favorites. Keep thinking I'll do something to or with them but I never do!

Carol -- I love that -- hotter than the hinges of hell! Ha. So glad it turned out for you and it'll be the perfect solstice gift. ;)

Thanks, Cindy. Black and white is easy if I just let it be!

Kathy, thank you -- keep thinking I'll design some labels, too, but that hasn't happened yet either! ;)