Friday, September 13, 2013

sewing cayenne peppers

It's been raining here the past few days but before things got crazy outside I went out to the garden and sewed up some cayenne peppers with dental floss. I've never made my own cayenne powder, of which we use a good amount, and this is the first step -- to hang and dry them.

There are plenty of cayenne peppers so it seemed wise to also make our own hot pepper sauce. This is new to me, too, I'm following this method of fermenting them. I love trying new things like this, especially when we actually use what I make.

The little cross-stitch sunflower witch on the sewing table was made a long time ago. She always comes out of the closet around this time of year. ;) And now I'm wondering about a different use for her, maybe stitching her onto some eco-dyed cloth. That's as far as I go with it though. There are more than a few little needlepointed, cross-stitched and embroidered pieces around here -- and I never know what to do with them.

Lately I've been thinking about things that I see or know now that I didn't used to. I know now that I'm not really into painting walls and trim, which I've been doing the past few days. I know now that I'm fine hiking but really need a lot of water. I know now my stomach will be happier if I get a little rice in my chicken fajita bowl w/hot sauce from Chipotle. I know now it's okay to email or call someone back even if I forgot to for a few months. I know now that paint fumes affect people in interesting but mostly unpleasant ways. It's endless, really, but sort of fun to think about these kinds of things.

Thanks so much for visiting here and happy weekending! Back to painting now.  xx


Nanette said...

Sweet little sunflower witch, I can see why you'd want to re-purpose her....what about on the pocket of a little project bag, something to carry your latest knitting or stitching in, and she can keep you company.

I like to paint, but know all about the unpleasant effects of paint fume, even low voc ones, so I have to give myself a break of a few days then go back to it.

It's trying hard to rain here and I hope it does, I've just put new plants in the least it's cooler so they'll have a chance.

Enjoy your weekend Peggy.

Nancy said...

Love that little witch w/ bird! It's nice to have some things to come out, celebrating each season, so I see no need for repurpose. Your photos are always so well-poised...makes me want to rush over and admire everything in your home! I've never been a painter, and now would not be the time to start, what with the asthma and all. We are heating back up after a slight two day cool down. Good luck with your pepper play!

deanna7trees said...

i wondered about you and how you were doing with all the rain in your area. love seeing those beautiful cayenne peppers all strung up.

Jeannie said...

I too have been wondering how you have been doing with the deludge of rain. I adore the sunflower witch. I think she would be out all the time. Perhaps she is an alchemist? I am with you on painting. My mother painted every 2 years. I am doing good if I paint every 20! I too have been in a reflecting mood. If I had known then what I know now.....I wonder what my 80 year old self would want to tell me now? Take care and keep dry!

Chris Parmentier said...

Ah! Painting! I began painting our laundry room (which needed it when we moved here 5 years ago!) a week ago, and was able to elicit my husband's help with the rolling as I did the brush-work (trim and tight-places), or I'd still be at it! Seemed that the walls sucked my brush dry before I even touched them, but it's so good to be finished. And it's grand to be able to make myself do a little at a time, in a less hurried way. I didn't notice being under the "influence" of the fumes, though. . . I always enjoy visiting here.

helen said...

Gorgeous little sunflower witch...hope she tells you what she wants you to do with her next.

The cayenne pepper project is very interesting...

I hate painting! My Man is good at it, but I feel guilty if he's doing it all, so I invariably help!

We have a BRIGHT moon out there is very crisp suddenly, and the night sky is beautifully clear. I hope it comes around to you very soon.

Blessed be x

Peggy said...

Hi Nanette -- my paint was low VOC, too, but still stunk, in my opinion. I like your idea for the sunflower witch and, hey, who knows what may happen!

Nancy, thanks. I love her, too, would sort of like to see her more often though. Hope you're feeling better.

Thanks, Deanna, there's more cayenne peppers to be picked but I haven't ventured out there for a few days now.....

Thanks, Jeannie -- I do love a freshly painted space though, darn it! We have one room, I'm embarrassed to see, that we've never painted and we've lived here for almost 33 years. It's next. ;)

Hi Chris, you, too? You're right -- it definitely helps to take one's time, I sort of did that -- took one whole day off just to clear my lungs. And it was low VOC paint. I like to visit you, too.

Helen, thank you for your bright moon wishes. I haven't seen her for quite a while, it seems, with all this rain. I like your suggestion to listen to what the sunflower witch thinks about this whole business of changing her! :)