Friday, October 11, 2013

wavy on the woven

I'm going wavy on the woven cloth -- stitching the lines in the design -- all around and everywhere. I wish I was more decisive, seem to have to think everything through, a color choice is major and even how many strands of floss to use. It's that Libra moon of mine, I guess -- decisions slow in the making.

That's our front door. I got the decal here, in case you like it, too.

I made the harvest moon tassel a few years ago. The face is clip art and the rest is odds and ends. I pleated and stitched the vintage ribbons around the face. There's a small amount of glitter. I remember that I had a lot of fun with it. It's a whole different "feel" -- making with paper.

Getting ready to set up our Day of the Dead altar this weekend. Here is last year's. Decorating skulls and skeletons has become a tradition, I don't think we have a golden yellow one yet. This is going to be fun.

I really liked Kristen's post about practicing three ways of radical kindness when dining out so I'm passing it on in case you eat out this weekend!

Thanks for dropping by and happy half-moon weekend. xo


Ms. said...

Some of the cheeriest, prettiest day of the dead decor I've ever seen. I love every gem of them....Libra's doing just fine with her discriminating eye...Aren't you starting early? Were not even midway here in NYC.

Nanette said...

I do love that harvest moon tassel, so simple, so eye catching.

Jeannie said...

I too love the moon tassels. They make me smile. There is something about the moon that always makes me think happy thoughts. Your wavy lines are wonderful. They reminded me of the corona around the moon the other night. There where hints of blue and peach with the silvery white on the indigo sky.