Friday, September 28, 2012

lightning water

The night before last, we had a very loud thunderstorm with spectacular lightning.When it dawned on me that our three copper birdbaths held mostly rainwater charged by all that lightning, I poured all of the lightning water into a big canner-turned-dye-pot. I stirred it a little with a piece of burdock stalk and then decided to stir vortexes into it, first one direction, quickly switching to the other. Three sets of three vortexes each. (I re-enacted one more vortex to take these photos!) Tomorrow, this water will be charged again by the full moon. Three charges total -- lightning, woman, and moon -- then ready to begin an oak leaf dye-bath.

I'll be celebrating the full moon tomorrow by making some full-moon art. If you, too, would like to share your full-moon makings -- sewing, knitting, writing, photographing, painting, etc. -- I'd love you to leave a link in the comments or email me a file to be posted on the drawing down the moon page. 

Happy weekending and thanks for coming by. xo


Nancy said...

This is fantastic!! Not sure if I will be able to "art it" this full moon, but I'm picturing a woman (almost in profile) in a long gown - standing on one bare foot, balancing joyfully on the moon, her moon. Have a good weekend Peggy.

Nanette said...

Oh blogger! they're my 3 deleted comments, it kept telling me the non-robot stuff was wrong, then I found each try was published anyway, then when I removed 2, all were removed. It was nice comment too. Something along the lines of it appears you have clear and quiet spaces within and without that allow you to notice these small things happening around you, and then ritualising them. Very engaging.

I'm hoping to work on some full moon art today.

Jeannie said...

I see you stirring your pot as I stirred mine here. I was trying to revive the indigo - time will tell and perhaps some energy from the moon. Are you going to put the cloth in under the moonlight?

Marie said...

This is powerful water/dye.
Can not wait to see what fabric that comes out of it.
I was hoping to snap a few shots of the Harvest
moon, but it is rainy and unless it clears this afternoon we will only dream of the Harvest Moon.
: ) xo

ArtSings1946 said...

I got rid of the non-robot stuff and just made it so I had to approve comments before they get published. Stops the nasty comments ... who needs them. Anyway, this is a wonderful post ... thanks so much for sharing ... how magical.

Happiness to all

Judy said...

another lovely post!

I've done a bit of dyeing this afternoon, as the full moon is rising.......and I will knit later this evening.

Enjoy your full moon dyeing!


BJ said...

Last night the moon was but a dull disc behind thick, threatening clouds. Tonight should be better...for photography, for stitching and for thinking. And thank you for reminding me to stir the rust/leaf pot

(this is meant to picture me in my new shorter haircut, smiling as I stir the pot)

Peggy said...

Nancy, I love the woman you are envisioning.

Nanette, thank you, what you wrote was so very nice. Oh that Blogger though...

Jeannie, I like knowing you're stirring the pot, too. I'm not quite ready to make the dye-bath, will wait until it's been moon-charged.

Marie, I can't wait either, this is my take on Nat's process of oak leaf dyeing. Hope it clears enough to get a peek.

Art Sings, thank you and happiness to you, too.

Thanks, Judy, dyeing and knitting are two of my favorite things too, and on a full moon, extra good.

B.J., I see you there stirring the pot! That's really cool -- for all of us smiling pot-stirrers. ;)