Wednesday, September 12, 2012

design board

Last week I finally got around to making a design board for the sewing room. I started out with a 4' x 8' foam insulation board, cut down to 48" x 76" to fit the space. White side down, I laid it onto 90" wide Warm & White textured batting, trimmed a 4" border around the sides, and then stapled all around. Lastly, lengths of duct tape cover and stabilize the staples. I pretty much followed Oh, Fransson's instructions.

Then I put three nails one foot apart into the wall and just pressed the board against them to hang it. For now, flying dreams, is up. I'm so glad to see it up again -- it had become too big to tape onto the wall anymore. I haven't sewn on this for quite a while because I felt like I needed to see all the pieces together before continuing. It definitely feels like an autumn/winter cloth.

A design board is ding-dang wonderful, as Nancy once said.


Jeannie said...

Flying dreams is gorgeous. I sat and looked at it for a long time and know that it is even more beautiful in person. The woven moons accented by the cloth moons are beautiful. I have had a design board for a couple of years and I love it. It sometimes becomes an inspiration board and othertime a display board, but always a place to rest my eyes. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week.

deanna7trees said...

fabulous. love what is on it as well. you'll soon wonder how you lived without one.

Nanette said...

all the better for're going to love having your design wall. That cloth is wonderful too.

Nancy said...

I always love when you bring this cloth out. Each section/space is an inviting place to stop and look. Now you can sit and ponder all of the treats that it holds!
BTW- Thanks for the link to me!! I shall rightly add that I got that super clever use of the English language from my friend Bekka Bramlett. You can find her here:
Or on Face Book!

handstories said...

your cloth is ding-dang wonderful too!
i wish for a design board & a wall to put one on....the other day i was trying to look at "days", but the wind blew too hard for the fence & then draping it over the shelves...maybe someday.

JT Thayer said...

Hi Peggy,

Oh wow love your quilt pieces!!!!
So gorgeous and such spirit and warmth. <3
What a great idea for a design board.
May have to create one like that at some point. Thank you for sharing the idea.

Marie said...

Hi Peggy...that was me above who commented under (JT)

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

I love your woven moons, the whole piece is beautiful. Look forward to watching it grow!

Peggy said...

Jeannie, thank you so much. Now I'm thinking that design board isn't even big enough. I want to put e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g on it.

Deanna, thanks, I think you were the one that got the ball rolling when you showed something up on yours.

Nanette, thank you. I was slow on getting one but so glad now.

Nancy, thank you -- there are a lot of decisions to be made for this cloth. I need to spend time just sitting with it now. Ha -- I'll go see Bekka!

Cindy -- sounds like me! This is so light and easy to move, it really could be portable. And thanks.

Marie (JT) thank you! The heart was sort of a giveaway! You're the only one I know who does that. :)

Thanks so much, Kathy -- it's been growing for some time now!

Jacky said...

I *need* one of these... doesnt it give you a wonderful perspective of your work in progress.
At the moment I just pin my bits to curtain to get an overall look (not ideal, then the rooms too dark and I have to turn the light on to get a good look).
Might research this further.
Peggy I love how your autumn/winter cloth is looking. Starts to look more like a cloth when you pin all the elements to the board like that.

Jacky xox