Wednesday, September 26, 2012

it rained

It rained here last night. This morning I went out to pick a flower for the little Oya altar on the sewing table and got sidetracked. I was thinking of making the sock spirit doll a dress today, she's been naked much too long, but I need to get back outside before it starts raining again. Wouldn't you know, Oya is the goddess of rain along with change and wind and rivers and brooms and ancestors and more. 


Jo said...

Love the spiky hair on the doll. I think she is Oya!

deanna7trees said...

wow...she's some wild woman. can't wait to see how you will dress her.

Nancy said...

She is adorable! What is the tiny number thing in her lap? I must say you are the queen of still life photos! Maybe you were a window dresser, stage designer, catalog photo shooter! Your pics are always so great.

Marie said...

Love the doll...adorable!
Thank you for saying who Oya is because I was going to have to look that one up : )

p.s. love your little altar <3

handstories said...

your alter glows in all it's rosy hues.
& your doll is fabulous, she looks like a free spirit, who probably doesn't mind being naked in the rain.

Peggy said...

Jo, maybe so!

Deanna, well what I was thinking was some eco-dyed cloth made into a jumper/dress kind of will be interesting, haven't done this kind of thing for ages!

Hi Nancy, why thank you dear! :)) She's in the basket with all the light colored bits and strips, it's a bit of calendar cloth.

Marie, thanks -- I didn't know much about her either until recently and she seems most appropriate. Wonderful how that happens!

Cindy -- ha! I do believe you're right, actually!

Anonymous said...

fun pictures... of course, I love the doll. but all the textures, from wood slats and wicker to pot and water are a balm for the eye.