Monday, October 17, 2011

moonday weaving -- grapevine and bindweed

Every year about this time, I cut, gather, coax and weave grapevines into a wreath. It's become a ritual, just me and the grapevines, no forms or wires or embellishment involved. I read that the third Fate, the Cutter, picks and cuts the threads of life, clearing away the old ones that tangle us and hold us back. I do the same for the grape plant. And then I weave them.

The smaller the wreath, the harder to weave such thick vines. So I called upon bindweed to fasten the four quarters of the little wreath. Bindweed has given her beautiful golden color to my cloth in dyeing projects. And now her strong wiry tendrils hold these robust grapevines in place. What other gifts might there be? Might I learn to welcome this hardy, persistent plant, after all?

Today is a waning moonday that is also a day of change from Gemini to Cancer as the ruling planet. Cancer is a water sign and water represents emotion. Emotions rise to the surface more easily now. These deeply personal feelings are often held at the very core of our being and sometimes they've been so suppressed we are not even aware of them. This is a time to allow them -- to feel their power and then release them. If it's painful, maybe visualizing the third Fate cutting these emotional tangles we've discovered would be helpful. I really like that there is a moontime and moonplace to honor and listen to this part of ourselves.

The sign of Cancer rules the area from the lungs to the gall-bladder and all the organs in between. As the moon is also waning, this is a good time to lessen their load, specifically the liver's, by eating and drinking alcohol more lightly. Did you know the liver performs over 500 functions in the body -- I find that so amazing. 

I plan on being a liver lover these next few days.


Nancy said...

What a lovely tradition you have begun. Beautiful wreaths!

Trish said...

Beautiful. I love the things you create.
Wow, the liver, it truly is amazing.

Marie said...

The wreaths are lovely. That bindweed is coming in handy : )

I have a question....
I have seen an unusual amount of cars on the side of the road and I am sure there is something in the stars??? What do you think?

Interesting about the emotions. I have found over the last couple of days thoughts of my Father who past away last year keep coming up. I am certain it is something I have not dealt with. : ?

woman with wings said...

Thank you, Nancy -- I forgot to say that I burn them on or around Summer Solstice, too, the fire and all!

woman with wings said...

Trish, thank you. It's better when I don't mess with Nature too much, I think. You know, wire, decorations, ribbons, etc. Not that I can always resist doing that!!

woman with wings said...

Marie, it looks like the next Mercury Retro is Nov. 23 to Dec. 13so I don't know... it's strange when you notice that, isn't it? Your thinking of your dad so much could be the time of year too, the veil is thinning between the worlds. We connect with loved ones easier and they with us. You are right on. It's both painful and happy for me. I take what I can get though, my middle son passed when he was 7 and I look forward to feeling closer.

Marie said...

You are right about the time of year. Perhaps that has a lot to do with it. Interesting that the veil is thinning...I did not know that, but it makes sense to me.
I just read a book that really helped me to realize some things.(I did a post about it).
I am so sorry to hear about your son.
My heart is with you <3

woman with wings said...

Thank you, Marie. Hugs back.