Monday, August 22, 2011

hand-moon mudra

Some handwork I've been stitching. The green hand has come up all over the place lately -- in meditation, in several pieces of artwork (not mine), and even in some nice white wine. I forgot the name but if you see a label with a green hand, that's it. The moon is made from silk shantung dyed in bindweed, the background is thrifted linen, the hand is cotton from stash. Needle chanting with kantha stitch has begun, my favorite part.

A mudra is a symbolic hand gesture used to convey various energies. The closest thing I could find for my green hand is the Sanskrit Abhaya mudra -- it is a gesture of reassurance, blessing, and protection. Do not fear is its message and its color just happens to be green. Next hand I sew, I'll choose the mudra first, not last.

Today is a moonday under the sign of airy Gemini. Curiosity creates the branching effect. One thing leads to another and before you know it, you're in a completely different state of mind doing something completely different from how or even where you started. I do love days like this though because everything seems so interesting and nothing goes unnoticed. I always notice that Gemini days are chatty days, too. Conversation is lively and fun, maybe not the best time for a business meeting but great for coffee or wine dates.

Gemini rules the shoulders, arms and hands so these parts should be treated carefully now. That means problems may be more easily healed while at the same time they may be more susceptible to worsening. And this would be a lovely day to learn some hand mudras. I've even seen some that can be done secretly with your hand in a pocket.

My green hand up there was not planned for a Gemini day, it's pure synchonicity.

She has hands now.


Trish said...

Love your hand-moon mudra handy-work. It is beautiful. Powerful stuff Mudras!
Hand prints are such a powerful image aren't they and such an ancient symbol I suppose.
Toady has been a very interesting day actually.
Blessings to you.

deanna7trees said...

love the hand touching the moon image. i have lots of hand beads that i want to make into a necklace.

Marie said...

Love the green hand. I have been into green drinks lately! (Matcha)
Hands say so much and I see your hand is surrounded by "magic" thread.
I like the message of "do not fear".
My word for yesterday was "surrender", which for me is letting go of fear and not fearing.
Don't you just love synchronicity?

woman with wings said...

Hi Trish, interesting in a good way, yes?

I've loved making this piece so far -- even though I was horrible at drawing hands. Mudras are nearly uncharted territory for me...a lot of wonderful material awaits!

woman with wings said...

Thanks, Deanna -- that will be a wonderful necklace!

woman with wings said...

Marie, green is good! I'd never really even thought about stitching hand shapes until recently. I see a lot of hands in my future though!

So cool about your surrender card and fearlessness. To surrender is HUGE.

Anonymous said...

love the moon balancing on the tip of that finger & the green of it. how goes the knitting from a couple of posts ago, restful yarn colors, & what are you making?

woman with wings said...

Cindy, thanks! You're back from camping!

I'm knitting the pattern the book is open to on that photo -- it's a soft basket and I've got about 2" done!!!! The next day, I got fixated on the green hand. Isn't that the way it goes...