Friday, December 28, 2012

an eye for the moon

I started a little 4" x 7" moon cloth today to celebrate the full moon in the sign of Cancer. A house with an eye for the moon. This is sort of how I feel -- content to stay put, with an eye for the moon while the future incubates. Nice to be able to do this. I'll be stitching for some time yet -- even though it's small, there's a good amount to be done.

A new cycle of full moon art begins with today's full moon. I'd love you to join me and leave a link in the comments or email me a file for the drawing down the moon page on the sidebar.

(* Kathy, the Woodland Quilter, posted about her moon cloth today -- go here to see all her lovely blocks up on the design wall!


Marie said...

Love this house with an eye for the moon!
It really is about the "heart and home" and I agree about staying put.
"Little" is good :)
I am so happy to have this blog to visit...thank you for sharing and being you.
Happy New Year! xo <3

Peggy said...

Thank you so much, Marie, I love visiting you, too! This little moon cloth has been a real change of pace for me -- such a sense of satisfaction to actually finish something. And Happy New Year!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Love this months Moon block, nothing better than staying in the house stitching watching the moon, your block said it perfectly.

the wild magnolia said...

To the moon and back is always a good theme. I love the moon, the full moons, moon art is memorable.