Monday, December 10, 2012

moonday snowflake curtains, etc.

I was hoping that winter would finally arrive and it seems to have happened. Today I ironed and hung the snowflake curtains. This is their third year now and I still love them.

Yesterday I made lace cookies for a brunch potluck. There is a learning curve on these -- the recipe said to use foil but what a mess that was, nearly every one broke or cracked. I don't have silpat sheets (but will definitely think about getting some now) so subbed parchment paper and it worked. They are sweet but really light, like eating air almost. You can sprinkle powdered sugar or drizzle chocolate on them, too. I left them naked because they took up too much time as it was.

Tomorrow I will finally get to blocking the green sweater. I've got anxiety over it for several reasons, I wish I had a blocking board. And I'm concerned about the furry coating all over the sweater already -- do I shave it off before or after blocking, if anybody knows? I ask because I read about wool "blooming" during the blocking process. What the heck does that mean? My next big project is still to be discovered. In the meantime, I'll either be casting on -- or -- hooking on a cowl scarf and looking at more knitting books. This choosing process only occurs every so often for me because I'm so slow, but it's almost the best part of beginning a new project. It's why I even have knitting books.

This moonday we have a waning moon in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is intense, takes us inward, and helps us to end things. It affects both the reproductive system and the urinary tract. I only have one thing to say about ending urinary tract infections and it is D-mannose. If they are a problem for you, read about it. I use a combination of D-mannose capsules with doses of an antibacterial/antiseptic/demulcent herbal tincture blend, and unsweetened cranberry juice -- and have had good results.

We are approaching the time of the dark moon, we can't really see the moon at all now. This is a time of trust and hope that it will show itself once again. In the same way sunlight returns each morning. And winter or summer finally arrives.

Or the next knitting project appears. To trust and hope.


Jacky said...

I LOVE your snowflake curtains...did last year too and promised myself to make some (havent done it yet).

Jacky xox

Trish said...

I love your snow flakes... xxx

ArtSings1946 said...

Oh, love all the moon info ... love the moon energy in all Her mystical ways ... I really try to Trust and Hope every day ... I don't know what it's so hard for me most of the time but it is.

Happiness always,

Nancy said...

Yay! I was waiting for the snowflakes to come back out! Love it :)
Your cookies look yummy and reminded me of the couple times I made Rosettes, long long ago.

Best of luck with the green sweater Please share it completed!

A time for 'trust', eh?! This fits :)

deanna7trees said...

here's a definition of 'blooming in knitting':
i wouldn't do anything to the sweater until it's blocked. i use a cork bath mat to block. you can also use some thick foam board if you have some. you might want to cover it with a towel first.

Ms. said...

Just love the way you live, and the works you make, and the thoughts you share. Have a most beautiful holiday season.

Shishi said...

I love your snowflakes!
Deanna's link for the blooming of yarn was excellent...thanks.
I also enjoy reading about the moon. I'm trying to be more connected to nature and its wonders...slowing down

Peggy said...

Jacky, thanks -- I definitely know how that goes! ;)

Hi Trish and thanks!

Thank you, Jan -- glad you liked it -- a process all right, always and forever, it seems. Happiness to you, too.

Peggy said...

Hi Nancy, thanks -- the sweater is blocking at this very moment. Fingers crossed -- trust! Oh, your cookies are way harder to make than these -- I've never made rosettes but they are spectacular.

Deanna, thanks so much for that link. I'd just never heard that term, yarn blooming, used before but it makes perfect sense. Like my hair, too. I followed your advice and used a leftover piece of foam core from making my design board. It is blocking right now -- it badly needs a shave!

Michelle, thank you so much.....and I wish you the same -- a beautiful holiday season!

Thanks, Shishi! I miss being part of Jude's class with you. But I'm coming back for What If. Are you doing that one?

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your snowflke curtains are wonderful, are they paper or fabric?

Deb G said...

I'm glad you posted the snowflakes. I keep forgetting that I want to do that! I used a towel to block my sweaters...what I had.

ali said...

Your lace cookies echo your lacy snowflakes--all so lovely and inviting.

Chris said...

Touching base with you always makes me feel soooo good. You know how we discussed the lack of "Earth" we both have in our charts: you are part of "my Earth," Peggy, and I'm so grateful.

Darlene said...

Great idea for your snowflake curtain...I'll have to plan ahead for next year.

Peggy said...

Kathy, thanks! -- they're just plain old printer paper.

Deb, yeah, I used towels over the foam-core board -- I thought the nice blocking boards would be good since they have the measurement grids on them. But I really didn't need to do much measuring with this. ;)

Thank you, Ali!

Chris, and reading your comment made me feel good! -- and I'm so very grateful to know you, too.

Darlene, I highly recommend making one. It's actually trance-inducing. :)