Wednesday, December 19, 2012

finished and begun

It's snowing today -- someone's lunaria moonseeds would be mailed to them if only it would stop. And here is the green sweater. Such a to-do, I tell you. It's very loose but I tell myself that's sort of the style now. I may put in a pleat or gather the back a little. I definitely should have made it one size down because my gauge was right on. 

It seems I've turned into my grandmother -- African violets, crocheting, and variegated yarn. This is to be an infinity hood/scarf and I deliberately chose the wool for its funky 70's vibe.

I like to crochet, I think I get it now. It helps take the edge of things -- I get that, too. 


deanna7trees said...

the sweater is beautiful Peggy. and yes...big is the style these days. also more comfortable.

Jacky said...

It's funny how we turn into our Mothers, our Grandmothers !!! I used to laugh at mum and her knick knacks (now I'm a bit of a collector myself...I bet she's looking down and smiling).

The green sweater if beautiful Peggy, looks lovely with the scarf.

Jacky xox

liniecat said...

Love the cardigan, thats what we'd call it over here.
I think it would look smashing layered with shirts, blouses or jumpers, so a benefit having it more roomy.
What happens if you fold the front edges back slightly and allow the collar to fall open more?
Maybe tether the fronts with a leather strap and a buckle?
Think I saw a pattern like that on ravelry ( maybe) and the strap tie made the sides fall slightly skew whiff, but that was the design and it looked good!

Nancy said...

Peggy~ The sweater looks great!! I like loose, much more comfortable! Cute hanger too :)
Love the treasure box and how well your crocheting has taken off. That's great :)

Jeannie said...

Peggy, the sweater is beautiful. I love the style and color. Yes, I am becoming more like my Grandmother every year. Knitting, crocheting, African Violets, ......
Merry Christmas dear friend. xo

Peggy said...

Thanks, Deanna -- for once I might be in style!

Jacky, I was the exact same way with my mom -- she had even more stuff than my grandmother. Now I need to keep a check on my collecting!

Lyn, when I put it on, it does fall open like that and the neck is really low, too. It is really big. My daughters wear things like this, but they're a lot thinner than me and can get away with bulky things. On me, I just like bulkier. I know there is something really cool to do with it, it may take some time to figure it out. Thanks for your idea, I was thinking I need to go the yarn store to look at closures, etc.

Peggy said...

Thanks for all your encouraging words, Nancy! It seems I can now do certain crochet stitches without watching the youtube videos but this is also super easy. I look at fine crochet and about faint. I can't even see the stitches! The hanger is a funky handmade one -- folk art maybe. ;)

Thank you so much, Jeannie. I was thinking that it's actually a good thing for us to be more like our grandmothers. Nicer, wiser, softer. ;) Happy Christmas to you, too, dear friend.

Nancy said...

I read your words..."On me, I just like bulkier" and chuckled at the memory from when I was in a JCPenney's store years ago. On a tiny end spot, between 2 departments, there was a mini department called "Long & Lean"! When I got home, speaking to my mom, I said, "Why don't they have a short and wide department?" lol