Tuesday, October 25, 2011

soap cozy scrubber

A bar of soap in a knitted woolen cozy. As it's used, the cozy shrinks and felts into a nice little scrubber.

Making these could be addictive. The free pattern is here and is easy to adjust for soap size. I haven't actually tested one yet but they're so cute, it probably doesn't even matter!


  1. Ive seen these at fairs this past year, especially with handmade soaps in them at the 'Green' fairs. I wondered what happened to the knitting when the soap wore away lol cute idea!

  2. Fun! Have you ever tried felting roving around a bar of soap? That works very well too.

  3. what fun! almost makes me want to dig out the needles and yarn! almost! oh, to have more time!!


  4. Pat, it is addictive, I'm warning you!

    Lyn, I haven't seen any like these here yet, only the felted roving-type -- but I bet they'll be around for the holidays this year! I think they could be washed up and maybe made into cat toys?

    Nancy, Marie, Cindy and Deanna, thanks for the compliments!

    Deb, I'd never made either type before now, but have seen the felted roving ones, they may have a more finished look than these?

  5. Joe, I know what ya' mean...knitting this kind of stuff is sort of a relaxing diversion! Namaste.

    Grace -- I like how you spelled it out there! Yes, lots of it. We saw our power line sparking and smoking so cranked the heat up in case the line blew again. Big trees, wet snow, and power lines aren't a good combination.

  6. Wet snow, that's what we usually get here. I'm wondering if we might get some next week. The forecast is wet and cold so even if they don't say so, it's possible. Yes, the soap felted with roving becomes very tight and smooth.