Monday, August 1, 2011

mandala moonday

As I was walking the dogs yesterday, I gathered as much as my pockets would hold. I'm thinking I need to find or make a fanny pack if I want to continue doing this. Remember fanny packs?

I began a mandala with natural materials that several trees and one bird let go of -- there's a tiny feather glued with mud to the pinecone.

Then I added materials that people have let go of. It's all about balance.

Today is a waxing moonday in Virgo. I think I felt Virgo energy even before the moon entered it -- last night I made lists. And this morning I made more lists. And I'll probably think of even more kinds of lists to make in the next few days. I enjoy the analytical tendency, the control, and capability that Virgo offers, even though that maybe isn't my usual nature. Virgo helps me balance the big picture with the details.

Digestion is influenced by Virgo and digestive problems may be well-treated or more easily aggravated now. Issues with digestion are sometimes a state of too fast or too slow and maybe we can help ourselves by noticing what triggers them. Life seems to be either too fast or too slow, as well. A sort of self-examination may help us to properly "digest" our life experiences -- which may then affect how well we digest our nourishment.

Virgo is also an ideal time for garden work and caring for animals. One of the things on one of my lists is to brush Daisy who is shedding heavily. Too hot for garden chores, better to stay inside and make lists!


Marie said...

As I was looking at the mandala as it grew in the second picture I realized that the man-made things left
behind are going to be around so much longer in nature obviously as compared to the natural elements.

It is hot here today but I am going to go sit outside in the shade and stitch : ) and maybe make some list too!

woman with wings said...

Marie, you're right -- half of it will be gone in a season, half of it will be gone in a century. Maybe.

I hope you enjoy being outside and stitching and I look forward to seeing what it is! Summer will be winding down before we know it....

Jo said...

I didn't read this on Moonday, too busy working in the garden and trying to accomplish things on my lists! Iove what you've written about Virgo, as I am a consumate Virgo with multiple lists. And the digestive info shines a light.

woman with wings said...

Jo, you're right on! A Virgo under a Virgo moon, those must be some awesome lists!