Monday, August 15, 2011

grounding dreams moonday

A feather dream can be grounded by stitching it onto cloth. However, a flicker feather cannot be stitched without black thread. It's either search more or restock. Or possibly both.

Today is a waning moonday in the sign of Pisces. Pisces makes us sensitive, creative and dreamy. So much so that we may just need to ground ourselves or we'll float right off the earth. I've read about ritualizing nighttime dreams and recently about grounding daydreams. An example would be knitting up a swatch of orange yarn after a nighttime dream of knitting orange yarn. A daydream could be grounded by writing it down, sketching an image, or taking the first stitches on cloth. I think I love this. How many ideas drift by because they're never grounded, I wonder.

Pisces rules the health of the feet. It is a good day to walk barefoot on grass or sand. And to take a foot bath and go big on lotion afterward. To draw a foot. To knit a pair of slippers. To buy a pair of shoes. There's lots we can do for our hard-used feet.

An easy grounding to do for Piscean symptoms of spaciness, feeling over-sensitive to light and noise, clumsiness, forgetfulness: Imagine roots growing out of your feet sinking deep into the earth. Visualize your torso a tree trunk and your arms and head its branches. Imagine your creative ideas are the sun, wind and rain and feel them being absorbed by your branches, into your trunk, and sinking down to the earth through your roots. Know that they are being held in a safe place until you are ready to work and play with them.

I have some of the symptoms mentioned above so I'm going outside now to be a tree.


liniecat said...

lol and I wish you a gentle breeze to flow thru your branches then... A truly smashing feather!

Marie said...

I love your thoughts about bringing things from the ether into reality.

I would love to have my little toes in the grass today but it has been raining and raining. (which is great for all the plants!)

You shall be a lovely tree!
: )

Nancy said...

I hope your tree moments did the trick!

woman with wings said...

Thanks, Lyn -- what a nice wish, too. It came true, there was a cool (finally) breeze when I was out earlier...!

woman with wings said...

Marie, I'm hoping to be better about writing ideas down or drawing them or something. Starting to stitch right off is a little hard for me for some reason.

I wish it would rain here but am glad to hear it's raining somewhere! xo

woman with wings said...

Nancy, I need to be a tree on a regular basis!

Anonymous said...

your feather captures those great colors from the last post. when i taught pre-k, we would study trees & i'd trace their bodies w/arms high for the trunks & branches, they'd used paint dipped hands to make leaves all over, they'd draw their tree spirit faces & we'd cut them out and put them around to make a forest.

woman with wings said...

Cindy, I love that. What a wonderful teacher you were and still are... Lucky little trees!