Friday, March 28, 2014

nature therapy

It's true, the month of March is a time of balance. It's equal dark and light. It's equally stormy and sunny. Snowy and rainy. And cold and warm. But when it comes to wind, it's windy, windy, windy. It's because March is such a transition month with both warm and cold temperatures that we have two different pressures running into each other to make these oh-so-familiar gusty, blustery days.

Our Nanking cherry bush is blooming and the bees are working it -- I feel greatly relieved that they have an outside food source other than me making sugar syrup. Talula, our younger pup, got stung yesterday right in front of me -- she was puzzled and so was I because she wasn't bothering them -- wrong time, wrong place, I guess.    

I'm still stitching on the little blue sky moondala. And just unrolled the February flower bouquet bundle -- the results are nice, very subtle, as wool often is. 

Last fall I stuck a huge dead branch into a pot right outside the sewing room window. I meant to hang a bird feeder on it and maybe string some lights -- but I never did. About a week ago, I looked out that window and thought to myself how wonderful it was that the aspen suckers had grown so much over the winter and I was thrilled that they would finally begin to cover the neighbors' garage wall. Well, silly me, it was simply that big branch I stuck into a pot last fall. That I've been looking at all winter long. And darn, those aspen are still quite a ways off from blocking any view. I decided some of these toilet paper roll/peanut butter/safflower seed feeders would be good for both the birds and me.

Nature therapy.

And thanks for visiting and happy weekending wishes from me to you! xo


Suzanna said...

I love those bird feeders...good idea!

Ms. said...

:-) :-) :-)

deanna7trees said...

beautiful blue in your moondala. i used to do something like that with the peanut butter and seeds for the birds...maybe i will do that again. i like your idea of the cardboard rolls.

Nancy said...

Really Really like the stitched pattern this month :) Very Native American in feel to me.

Peggy said...

Thank you everyone. The squirrels got to the feeders before the birds but it was still fun to watch them clean up. They licked them clean and didn't even tear up the cardboard, they're basically reusable! Such gentility. :)