Monday, August 26, 2013

a little moonday help

I'm stitching on the little August moon cloth whenever I have a few minutes. This is the ninth in a series of thirteen moon cloths for my monthly full moon art ritual -- each moon cloth has a calendar-cloth component and a house-with-an-eye component. I haven't gotten bored with making them yet and still think each one is the sweetest of all. Like having babies.

When I saw the cover of that 1970's herbal at an herb fair last weekend, it had to come home with me. A reading break was called for earlier today.

The Ikea Raskog trolley in the sewing room was a gift -- I've only filled the top section and there are two more to go! The platter was a gift, too, I'm noticing through the camera that I've attracted quite a bit of the color turquoise into my life. I do love it.

The garden photo shows how purslane stretches out over all the pathways in the Buddha garden. This is a good thing. It keeps people and dogs from getting muddy feet, it's nice under bare feet, and it's free. We've been doing this for quite a few years now. The purslane doesn't get out-of-hand and if it ever does, we'll just have to eat more of it -- it's very nutritious.

Today is a waning moonday in the sign of Taurus. Waning moon energy helps us to let go, finish up, declutter, discard, and clean out. If you've ever noticed that sometimes you don't feel like doing these kinds of tasks and other times you do, maybe it's been partly due to the phase of the moon. I find myself more and more planning my days with a moon calendar nearby.

To useful and enjoyable work, with a little help from the moon!


Nanette said...

Hi Peggy, I've been meaning to say your Buddha garden inspired me to do something similar in a bare patch I had that a friend had cleared and prepared for me, but I couldn't decide what to put there, so it was starting to weed up again. Then I saw a glimpse of your Buddha sitting there surrounded by beautiful plant and knew that's what I'd do. I have a statue that I've moved from place to place but none seemed right. I now have him 'up the back', where I can see him from the kitchen, and so far have only planted some pretty annuals....a small start but it has given me the energy to keep going. It will eventually be a mix of herbs and flowers to the front, surrounded by native plants that will...I hope...bring tiny finches into my garden. So thankyou!( I must start blogging again!)

I noticed all the beautiful turquoise around you, a gorgeous colour.

Have a great week.

jude said...

that moon is working it's magic on me.

Ms. said...

Turquoise lights things up, and purslane is so fine sauteed, I used to grow it in a box on the front sill before the pigeons took over that spot. I can not let it spread at the church, however, because it does take over there. Next year I'll do pots of it if, indeed, I'm still doing that garden then. Sweet week to you.

Starr Sonam said...

very inspired with your work lately... I have taken my first stitches wanting to make something like the pillow with all those square pieces. I love that pillow!

Marie said...

I just wanted to say Hi seeing all your new work and your moonday things...xoxo <3

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your blue moon block is perfect, love the calendar house also. Looks like a cute mushroom house.
I enjoy your moon phase notes, they do seem to go with my moods.

Peggy said...

Nanette, your new garden sounds just wonderful. Hey, you can't go wrong with Buddha now, can you? :) And I would love to see you get back to blogging, I miss visiting you.

Jude, on me, too!

Thanks, Michelle, you know I've never sauteed purslane but I like the simplicity of your approach.

Starr, thank you so much. Sometimes I just like to work with the simplest of cloth and stitch -- meditative sewing.

Hi Marie, so glad you came by. :)

Thanks, Kathy, I wanted to not have many straight edges on this piece, so a tuffet, it is! :)

Nat Palaskas said...

Peggy hi, sorry I haven't stop over lately. I need motivate moon in my life to nudge me along! Love that platter and I love turquoise too (peacock color!). I can really do with that Ikea trolley, what for, I don't know but love it - Hugs Nat

handstories said...

Your colors! It's so nice to come here for a dose of vivid rainbow. I need to plan some more clearing with the moon, its help would be most welcome.