Friday, May 24, 2013

moon & garden work

I might be late in planting my garden but I'm way ahead on freezing wild garden greens. This morning I snipped the tops off the lamb's quarters, Chenopodium album, growing in one of the vegetable beds and made up the first packets of the year for the freezer. This is how.

I've decided to use pomegranate seeds in the red knitted goddess, instead of the whole pomegranate. Even though the shell was hard and it seemed to be completely dried out, the seeds were still juicy -- it'll take a few days in the sun to dry them out enough to use. There's a reason I want to incorporate the essence of pomegranate that I'll write about next week.

Today is a Full Moon in Sagittarius and these fabrics seem right for the next moon cloth. The dotted ones almost belong together, don't they? The top one is a purchased cotton remnant and the piece right below it is silk shantung dyed with St. Joan's Wort last summer. The May moon vibe is yellow (to me), that much seems clear.

Hoping to get all my dye bundles out of their dye-pots, unfurled, labeled and organized this weekend. I'm so anxious to experiment with all the fresh leaf and flower goodness offered by the Green Nation -- starting with the pansies who are rioting out there right this very minute.

Thanks for visiting. Happy Full Moon! xo


deanna7trees said...

oh those pansies. wish i had planted some. we just has a storm with a downpour of rain. i'm sure my garden is happy about that. have a good weekend.

Nancy said...

Mmmm...which to exclaim about first? The fabrics, alone and together? Love the dark leaf one! The pansies? They Are rioting! I always love their little faces and the fact that I remember my mama loving them, so having some planted each season. Or what about the pomegranate tease? You I can't wait to hear more about that!

Deb G said...

It always feels so good to start gathering food.... I'm going to be harvesting rhubarb and a few herbs and load of the dehydrator today. Full moon was gorgeous here.

deemallon said...

how beautiful the photos are here never mind the projects and endeavors they speak to! The open pomegrante is breath-taking... can't wait to see how you use it with the red goddess. (i almost typed 'red goodness' - which is what, I suppose, those luscious seeds are!)

Peggy said...

Thank you, dear friends!

The pomegranate seeds are taking a while to dry...........still waiting on them.