Wednesday, August 15, 2012

wonders from the dye-pot

I unrolled the St. Joan's Wort silk bundle from a few weeks ago. As the leaves and flowers of this plant are perforated -- you can see the perforations when you hold them up to the light -- it makes perfect sense somehow that the cloth is covered with tiny little dots. Wonders never cease.

Brewing in the dye-pot is this morning's harvest of bindweed, Convolvulus arvensis. More wonders -- last year's outcome is here.

I'm intrigued by the light and dark values in a plant grouping on our patio. As with cloth, changing a color photo to black and white is a way to see if the light and dark components are balanced to one's liking. The size and shape of the leaves and flowers stand out more, too -- this reminds me of old garden books and magazines.

I'm hoping for no rain this afternoon or tomorrow night but I'm looking for our rain ponchos. We have baseball and concert tickets. Rain is predicted for both! 


deanna7trees said...

your cloth markings are wonderful. my dad was a photographer and took mostly black and white photos even after color came out. i love the contrast in the the black and white. it's so easy now to convert images to black and white and really any color you choose.

Peggy said...

Thanks, Deanna -- you must have some wonderful photography from your dad. I wonder how he would like all the photo software/apps we have today...

Nat Palaskas said...

The dye result is fantastic. The little dots happen when you leave it long enough. I rarely get them because I open them too soon. I love B&W photos too.


Marie said...

What plans do you have for the St. John Wort's fabric?
What makes the little dots? (I have lots of questions Lol!)
I have a tarot card called "Bindweed" and it is interesting that you have found the beauty in it...
I discovered the morning glory plant (the one with pristine white flowers) is a member of the bindweed family.
After all, it is a lovely green : )
and you can make beautiful cloth with it.
I am wishing you sunshine <3

Judy said...

I was also wondering what you will do with your St. Joan's Wort silk. How large is your piece?
Your photos are lovely!


Nancy said...

Speckled pleasure! I too like how the B/W leaves pop! Isn't it fun to play with photos? My old PC had a great program for that.