Thursday, March 14, 2013

felted nest

What you see is the unfelted nest. Felting it is probably going to take a while because I'll be doing it by hand -- my energy-saving washing machine doesn't agitate so it can't be used for felting. Next time we need a new washer I'll be looking for one with the biggest agitating fins on the market!
The eucalyptus-dyed cotton blouse has been sunk into the oak leaf/lightning water dye-pot in the garden. First I bundled it inside out with red onion skins sprinkled all over and then whispered a few encouraging words. I have high hopes, I tell you.
I refilled the suet feeder with nesting materials today, all taken out of the wastebasket in the sewing room, it hadn't been emptied for a while.
The wheel of the year turns on. For some reason, maybe L-tryptophan, I am adjusting to the daylight savings business better than usual this year. We've had lovely sunny days lately so the snow is nearly all melted into the earth, and it feels soft and cushy. The honeybees just went through yet another jar of sugar nectar -- I feel that they are hungry for more than what I can give them. Hopefully the silver maple trees will bloom soon and all worries will be vanquished. Here in Colorado the silver maples are usually the first species to bloom, but until we had the bees I didn't realize they even bloomed at all.
And happy weekending to you and thanks for visiting. xxx 


Jeannie said...

Love the little nest and your birds will have gorgeous nests with your offerings. Our squirrel steals all that I put out. Last fall we laughed when the leaves fell and we could see the squirrel nest. My prayer flags were there, odd bits of batting, yarn, and fabric, too. Alders and junipers are the first to bloom here and then the silver maples. I noticed the catkins on the birch and the hazelnut were getting ready to burst open as well. Wishing you a relaxing and sunny weekend.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your post is just so "Springy" looking! Love you suet feeder filled with nest materials. Too Cute! You will have a colorful yard this summer.
Spring is not coming fast enough here, a big storm is on it's way, but Saturday is National Quilting Day and it's the perfect weather for quilting with friends.

Judy said...

Your photos are always so lovely and so inspirational!
My daffodils never look that good!
What do your birdies do without their suet? Ours devour it so quickly (my husb makes it himself), I can't imagine them being too happy with my sewing room scraps as a replacement...but I just may have to try it!
Do you think that the birdies will use your nest, once it's felted?....or is it just ornamental?

Have a great weekend!


Trish said...

I love your little nest to be felted, I love all your photos, in fact I love all that you do... you make my soul

deanna7trees said...

can't wait to see how the blouse turns out.

Nancy said...

Looking forward to the blouse and wondering what's on the needles?

Marie said...

Hi Peggy,

My blog would not let me comment because I am away from home and on another computer. I will visit your blog :)
I am really into this right now:
So yummy! My favorite is daikon and carrots. Thought you might find this interesting :)
Take care xoxo <3

Marie said...

p.s. what I meant was it would not let me comment on my own blog lol!

p.s.s. I use only sea salt and water.

Marie said...

Whoops I forgot to mention; I love your little nest! adorable and how sweet you are to leave bits of thread for the birds. :)
Love the cheerful!
Oak is a special tree!

Peggy said...

Thanks, everyone, for your nice comments. I do believe Spring has sprung!

Judy, this suet feeder is the old style, the one we really put suet in has a squirrel-guard cage around it. ;)

Nancy, that's just yet another hexipuff for the beekeeper quilt. Something to do in 5 minutes or less here and there.....ya know!

Marie, thanks for that link, I've just been there and she looks like a great source of information. Haven't done much fermenting other than kefir but am definitely interested, you're right! :)