Monday, March 11, 2013

calendar cloth moon

Another wonky house under a calendar cloth moon for February's moon art. A wonky eye, too -- this was so fun to make.
Last week I collected a beautiful clump of moss that ended up in a tuna can on top of the terrarium in the sewing room. Come to think of it, maybe it felt so good to stitch the moon cloth because of the plants that are steadily populating the sewing room lately.
That's a felted nest started from the book Knitalong -- the details are on my Ravelry page -- just set up a link on my sidebar if you'd like to take a peek. It's still in process though.
We just used the last of the garden tomatoes in a big batch of soup -- found a package of lamb's quarters from 2011 hidden in the freezer and it was just fine. I'm ready to start planting. So ready.

Today is a new moonday in Pisces. Sensitive Pisces magnifies our yearnings, feelings of empathy, emotions, intuition, imagination -- and any issues around our feet, our under-standing. A new moon is when to plant seeds for new beginnings, new projects, new habits, thinking, reactions, and so on. And to energize our desires by making new moon wishes.

This is one of the best days of the whole year to plant garden seeds, Pisces being one of three fruitful water signs in the zodiac. For me that means sowing seeds of cayenne pepper, woad, and madder into 6-packs today.

And my wish for this week is for greater understanding between all of us. xo

more full moon art:
*) See Kathy's February quilt block here. Plus, in keeping with the Pisces feet vibe, see her photos of shoe-themed quilts!

Please share your full moon art, too! Just leave a link or email me a file to be posted on the drawing down the moon page on the sidebar.


deanna7trees said...

love that you add the calendar to each moon cloth. i love the face that developed from just a few scraps of cloth.

Ms. said...

Your site, as always, calm, sensible but with wings, and clearly centered within your sensitive universe. I will toss some seeds in the church garden pots in passing as I head out to an event in a half hour...but it will need a lot of cleanup in a few weeks before any of the perennials show themselves. Public gardens get a good deal of abuse:-)

Nancy said...

I love this little cloth...the edges, wonky house that looks like it's going somewhere with the moon all tucked in!
Can see the sensitive understanding part for sure!
May your bee hive puffs multiply...your nest hold and your garden bloom :)

Judy said...

Love your moon art. I believe you: it looks like fun!

OK, how did you get the link for your Ravelry page on your blog? I've got to figure that one out!

As always, reading your blog brightens my day! ....and I thank you for that!


Peggy said...

Deanna, thank you! The plan is to use up one whole calendar cloth/towel and for the 13th moon cloth, cut into another one!

Michelle, I'm glad you pick up that vibe here and sure wish my whole life reflected that feeling! ;) I like envisioning you tossing seeds as you travel throughout the city!

Nancy, you're right, they're both tucked in, I didn't even get that until you said it! Thank you and especially for your closing line!

Judy, thanks so much. Well, I'm not too happy with blogger right this minute because this is my second go-around at writing in the comments area! But you have blogger, too, so here's what I did. Go to your add a gadget in layout. Choose add-a-photo. Place your ravelry address in the box. Add your photo, which will be the actual link on your blog page. Hope it works! I think ravelry is just great, haven't used it much until now though.

liniecat said...

Such a lovely little quilt! By the years end you could have such a wonderful banner!

Jacky said...

another little house (love it's wonkiness) and calendar this little moon project.

The nest you are knitting is gorgeous, looks lovely felted in the book. Look forward to seeing it finished and displayed in your home.

Sensitive Pisces...looking forward to some new projects myself. To getting going again.

Your post today really resonated with me.

Jacky xox

Anonymous said...

love your wonky house & eye...i'm working on my 13th & last eye on a piece. it's been fun to try & think of different ways to do them. & this sensitive pisces often feels like magnified screaming truth, much to the dismay of those around, sigh, but i'm usually right-ha!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Love your new moon block, I think it's my favorite yet. What a wonderful series this year.
Your nest is very interesting, can't wait to see the results.