Friday, March 8, 2013

eco-dyed cotton blouse

One thing I've learned is that a cotton blouse can stand after a soy milk pre-mordant soak. It was stiff as cardboard! I've also learned that I don't really care for the color (on me) this variety of eucalyptus produced -- I was hoping for colors more like Deanna's blouse here. It's cured for almost two months now and if anything has gotten brighter -- or that could be my imagination.

Now I'm thinking about rolling it up and soaking it in the oak leaf/lightning water dye-pot outside. There's one bundle in it already that looks hopeful. Or.....has anyone figured out a post-mordant or another over-dyeing process for eucalyptus? I've looked in India Flint's Eco Colour to no avail, but I might have missed it.

The honeybees are active on warm days. They take their cleansing flights, clean house by pushing out the dead bodies, and drink and drink the sugar water and essential oil mixture I make them. Their house still has its cozy on -- a big roofing bag filled with insulation under a space blanket -- with bags of leaves stacked around. It's a good thing, too, because we've got a winter storm watch in effect tonight and tomorrow.

Thanks for coming by and for any advice about the dyeing dilemma. And happy weekending! xo


Jeannie said...

I noticed the soy effect on cotton, too. Your blouse standing at attention made me giggle. :) I thought of your bees as I was watching a honeybee in a crocus yesterday. I have no ideas for the eucalyptus. I tend to get beige regardless of what I do. Have a wonderful weekend in your snow fortress. I see you stitching as the snow falls. xo

deanna7trees said...

the color your seeing in my dyeing at that link is probably mostly from the onion skins. just redye your blouse wrapped in onion skins with an onion skin bath and i think you'll achieve that color. the protein from the milk dye you did is probably retained in the cloth. i water down my soy milk before soaking. looks like you used straight milk?

Nancy said...

I'm of no help as most of my dying looks like in Dirty! Not as in "wow cool eco-dye there!" I'm ready to send stuff off to those that make it work!

Anonymous said...

it may not be the color you want, but it is very pretty & cool in its ghost like state. i thought of you and your bees while sewing honey drops for our show next week (handsized stuffed shiny yellow fabric "drop" shapes), tomorrow i put the stripes on the bee's shirts.

Peggy said...

Thank you, Jeannie, Deanna, Nancy & Cindy, for taking a minute here! Yes, I used undiluted soy milk, thus the ghost/statue effect. Ha!

Deanna, I'm thinking of trying the onion skins now, but am sort of worried it'll turn neon bright. But really, I have nothing to lose at this point! ;)

Chris said...

Peggy, my husband is on a dying tear----making himself replacements for a 25-year-old (or more) neck scarf of his that's in its last shreds. Using Flint's book for guidance, he's been rummaging in the woods for materials and has a press of sorts set up outside. It'll be interesting to see what happens: I get to see the mystery unfold without any effort on my part. I will give him your post here as a reference, too. Thanks!

Judy said...

I really like the way your blouse turned out! TeeHee! That is a good color for me! I'm eager to see how it will change with the onion skin dye bath. I do love onion skins and tend to forget about them, even though I have several large bags full - both red and yellow. And yes, I soak my cotton in straight soy milk and it stands at attention too.
I soaked several pieces in sea water the other day, since we're at the beach, and they were stiff for a while. Then after a day, one piece has gotten very soft.
Love the photo of your oak leaf dye bath.


Peggy said...

Chris, that's so COOL. I hope you can show it on your blog!

Judy, oh to be able to premordant in sea water! It snowed here last night. Enough said. I didn't get to bundling it up yesterday, maybe today....I think I could wear this color better if I had a little tan. Maybe I need to go seaside like you! ;)