Monday, July 2, 2012

a small project moonday

Small projects on the table this morning. Growing the moon cloth. Deconstructing three silk blouses from Goodwill. Getting ready for full moon art.

Today is a nearly-full moonday entering Capricorn, a grounding time when a little more structure seems to be in order. Earthy and productive Capricorn compels us to organize, take care of details, finish projects and tie up those last loose ends. I'm going to try to consciously harness this great energy because goodness knows, I need help in all of those areas.

Capricorn influences the health of our bones, skin and knees. That means this would be a good time to both treat problems and avoid triggering flare-ups. I've been reading about interior and exterior skin as classified in the Ayurvedic tradition -- the interior skin lines the gut and meets the exterior skin at the mouth. I'm drawn toward the idea of nourishing my skin with probiotic-rich baths -- think Cleopatra -- maybe a nice full moon bath with yogurt and honey? Go here and you might be as fascinated as I am.

Tomorrow is the full moon and I will be making full moon art. I'd love you to join me -- painting, stitching, photos, drawing, writing, knitting, etc. --  and share your full moon art by leaving a link in the comments on my next post or emailing me a photo for the drawing down the moon page over on the sidebar.


  1. That cloth is coming on beautfully, really like the warmth of the reds youve included too.

  2. Lovely little cloth in process, and the stars favor us. I too am slowly finishing things, completing and clearing things. The moon draws me and I include her in drawings. I want you to know your posts bring me to peaceful ground each time, center me and make me feel easy in the world.

  3. Ooh la la ~ I love how Michelle says this...'easy in the world'. Yes, this is true for me too. I want to say that I just went to your moon link in the side bar. How come I've not done this sooner? I love all of the moon posts you do, but I've missed the other's work. It is beautiful and I am so glad you share it here. I think your moon cloth is my favorite (that is until you post another piece of your work! Haha)
    Maybe I'll finally post my draft that is sitting there. The moon is not full in it, but pretty nonetheless :)
    Thanks for all you add to my life Peggy.

  4. WoW! that's on the way to 'GORGEOUS'

    sent my art in email just minutes ago.

  5. Lyn, thanks, interesting how both color and size grow on a piece, isn't it?

  6. Michelle, I heartfully thank you for your nice words. And I like knowing that we are doing similar tasks. *The moon draws you and you draw the moon* -- wonderful...

  7. Nancy, I heartfully thank you, too, for what you said. The same from me to you.

    I sure wish there was a place for us all to gather and spend time together. We could call it blogger camp. :)

  8. Thank you, Joan, and thanks for joining in on this, too!